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Oekaki Garden

Welcome to Oekaki Garden where you can post the work you have done on Oekaki boards! (Online drawing applets). This first page is going to be set up with New Entries only. Once there have been 8 entries up here, I'll move them to separate galleries for each artist. Just to keep this page nice and clean. - [Asrun]

Rules for Submitting
* No hentai/pornography
* No doodles. IE it must be of decent quality
* No racist/sexist/homophobic material
* Any style is welcome
* .JPG and .GIF format is prefered.

New Entries






<img:><img:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsNickMy%20DocumentsMy%20Pictures87.png> <img:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsNickMy%20DocumentsMy%20Pictures86.png><img:><img:>



<img:img/drawing/22011_1108257180.jpg> <img:/img/drawing/22011_1111811296.jpg>

Spring Break - The idea came from my friend Evan and his great pencil work. ^^

Jacob is all Wet!



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2005-10-27 [Asrun]: I'll get around to it when I have some time. :( Illustration is taking up all my time.

2005-10-28 [iippo]: Shameless advertisement time! the Monthly Month Contest. 'Twill be the biggest thing since a long time so get yourselves creating! :P

2005-10-28 [Asrun]: *LMAO* great name for the contest. XD

2005-10-28 [iippo]: XD Isn't it just? Anyway, it's very free and open so everyone's very welcome to just throw themselves at the altar of art. Hey, that's a pretty nifty name for something... Altar of art...

2005-11-23 [Sotalean]: Whoot for new oekakiness. ^^

2005-11-23 [akhirah]: woo..and an amazing one at that Sotalean XD he ish prettiful..

2005-11-23 [Sotalean]: Thanks Chickie. ^_^ I bet it would have been nicer if I could have gotten Shipainter to work. *pokes it* Is it just me.. or does it tend to die?

2005-11-23 [akhirah]: ah shi painter is mean...i never use it XD

2005-11-23 [Sotalean]: Well atleast I know that it's not just me then. ^_~ I really like PaintBBS.. t'is my favorite one as of right now.

2005-12-10 [To Dream of Faerie]: What are Oekaki boards?

2005-12-10 [iippo]: It's a (I think Java-based) online drawing program, and the board is like a forum to which you submit the drawing you make for other users to see. That's how I understand it.

2005-12-11 [To Dream of Faerie]: oh, okay, thanx!

2005-12-11 [Asrun]: It's like a super MS Paint, only it's online and you can submit it for people to comment on. :)

2005-12-12 [To Dream of Faerie]: cool

2006-03-18 [iippo]: Anyone mind if this page would be exported? More people would find it and outside-ET people could view the art as well..?

2006-03-18 [Asrun]: Sure.

2006-08-13 [Ashi Nekko]: this is nice

2006-08-17 [spiritee]: oo it so sad. i actually oekaki-ed for a long time.

2006-08-18 [Asrun]: same

2008-05-30 [emerald_phenix]: the one with Tails rockin out on the guitar was cute. Lots of good arties here!!

2008-05-31 [iippo]: Hehe, thank you ^^

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