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Premise: Spazznik is an energetic new recruit foot soldier for the noble family of Strongheart. The only problem is he's been assigned to guard duty on the outer wall of the city.

Welcome to the official wiki of Spazznik! :)

The Spazznik comic you see below is a slowly developing and thrown together product (basically, when I have extra time to spare) of an experimental journey I'm embarking on in both comical writing and cartoony artwork that is set in a world with both medieval and high fantasy themes. Prepare yourself for the snowballing effect of classic boredom and pure wackiness launched by a catapult of adventure and mayhem! :)

- Derek "Hendercrazy" Henderson

Latest News!!!
Spazznik finally moves forward at an amazing slow pace! Woohoo! :P

Newest Spazznik comic!!!

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Volume 1, Episode 3

Spazznik Archive: Read Spazznik from the beginning!

Spazznik Volume 0 (Introduction to Spazznik)
Spazznik Volume 1

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2009-04-02 [nehirwen]: *Stalks* <3

2009-04-05 [Hedda]: Some comments were lost here. Nothing important, if I remember correctly.

2009-04-05 [Hendercrazy]: Thanks for the news Hedda. :)

Sorry to all whose comments got deleted from the Elftown crash. :( It appears one of mine was lost as well.

Basically, to recap... Spazznik is relaunching. The original introductory strips that were colored traditionally and photographed (I'm now calling Volume Zero) are now being digitally scanned and colored this time around... done the way I'd originally intended to do from the very start. Hope you all are seeing and enjoying the new quality difference. :D

Once the comics from Volume Zero are updated... I'll be moving on to new strips! :D

Thanks to all for being so patient and sticking with ol'Spazznik! :D

- Derek

2009-04-06 [Yncke]: Um, I think I wrote something along the lines of being very happy that Spazznik has taken off again, and something about the old colouring making Spazz looking more dim witted than the new colouring.

2009-04-06 [organicparadox]: i too, wrote flowery prose praising the perfection that is, spazznik!

2009-04-06 [Hendercrazy]: Thanks for reposting! :)

Glad you all have jumped on board the new wiki and I really appreciate all of the stalking and extremely kind words! :D :P

Hope you all enjoy the evolving journey! ;)

2009-04-07 [Hedda]: You aren't talking to yourself! You're talking to the entire Spazznik fan-club! <img:>

2009-04-07 [XxTsomexX]: Spazznik is awesome!! :) lol

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