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2010-10-08 01:20:36
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The Pet Cemetery


All tombstone images within The Pet Cemetery are clickable, and will take you to a tribute page for the pet identified on the headstone.
As more pets are placed here, The Pet Cemetery may eventually be divided into separate sections for dogs, cats, rodents, etcetera.
If you would like to leave flowers at any headstone, please visit the Flower Shop.
To have your pet buried here, please visit Burial Process.


Rowe The Pet Cemetery
The Pet Cemetery

The Pet Cemetery The Pet Cemetery The Pet Cemetery

The Pet Cemetery The Pet Cemetery The Pet Cemetery

The Pet Cemetery The Pet Cemetery The Pet Cemetery

The Pet Cemetery The Pet Cemetery The Pet Cemetery


Head to:
The Flower Shop
Burial Process

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2010-10-07 [sweet.tx.tea]: This is adorable. <3

2010-10-07 [Nioniel]: Thank you.

2010-10-07 [hanhepi]: this isn't like Stephen King's Pet Sematary is it?

2010-10-07 [Flisky]: I hope not....

2010-10-07 [sweet.tx.tea]: Fabulous book, though.

2010-10-07 [Top_Hatter]: This is awesome. I commend you. It is a bittersweet honoring of those who are deemed more than just pets, but to most, some of our closest friends. May they rest in peace.

2010-10-07 [sweet.tx.tea]: Well said, brother.

2010-10-07 [Eyden13]: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

2010-10-07 [Alexi Ice]: It makes me sad to be here. (Is missing Mandrake). I love the idea <3

2010-10-08 [Nioniel]: Thank you. It took about three hours to arrange the wikis and set everything up, but I like the outcome too, and I hope that others who have lost pets will join up and add to this.

2010-10-08 [Eyden13]: I lost my dog Baily two years ago.

2010-10-08 [Nioniel]: :(
If you want, I'll help you set up a memorial page for him.
I can't imagine losing my dog.

2010-10-08 [Warhorse]: My dogs are like my children, so I understand how hard it is to lose them. Please accept my most sincere condolences.

2010-10-08 [SilverFire]: Featured Wiki :)

2010-10-09 [*Phoenix*]: This is a sweet idea.

2010-10-09 [Eyden13]: How would I do that?

2010-10-09 [Nioniel]: Make a wiki page with pictures and notes about your dog. See Rowe for an example.

2010-10-12 [Kbird]: <img:44166_1164145221.gif>i like the idea of this wiki.

2010-10-13 [Anvikit]: I really like this, I will have to set up a tribute to my puppy Woody, he was a fluffy little ball of energy.. I keep his collar still as my keychain..

2010-10-15 [Eyden13]: Oh, I thing I'll for go it for now. At least till IO feelbetter

2010-10-30 [Nioniel]: [Anvikit], that's so sweet! :)

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