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2013-07-26 14:02:43
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Roosterkukelekucockle doodle doooKukkokiekuukykkeliky
Donkeyia (iiaaa)bray/eeeeoohhskryte
Monkeyoek oekOok ook
Crowkaa kaacaw

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2011-09-13 [iippo]: So maybe "töttöröö" for elephant noise in Finnish.

2011-09-13 [SilverFire]: TOTORO? :O

2011-09-13 [Nioniel]: <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2011-09-13 [hanhepi]: i can make the noise, just cant spell it. :( pppwwwwww?

2011-09-20 [Akayume]: Cute!

2011-09-23 [iippo]: I totally realised (many days ago >_>) that cows in Finland actually say "ammuu". I don't know why I forgot the am.

2011-09-23 [hanhepi]: fixed it. :)

2013-07-25 [Lord Josmar]: Congratulations on making the Featured Wiki! :)

2013-07-25 [Mortified Penguin]: YOU'RE a featured wiki.

2013-07-26 [Viking]: Maybe we can finally finish this thing, or add another language…

2013-07-26 [Teufelsweib]: what about the stereotypical bird? :D chirp?

2013-07-26 [Viking]: Feel free to add it =)

2013-07-26 [Mortified Penguin]: Good. Animals in Spanish speaking countries know how to keep their mouths shut.

2013-07-26 [Viking]: The wilderness is very quiet in those places.

2013-07-26 [Lord Josmar]: Not in the part where Dora lives.

2013-07-26 [SilverFire]: What about owls?

2013-07-26 [Mortified Penguin]: Where I live, owls go, "A-HAW A-HAW A-HAAAAWWW!!" and screech and mate loudly outside my GODDAMN WINDOW AT NIGHT. I swear, if I have to hear one more goddamn owl orgasm...

2013-07-26 [XxTsomexX]: They are out to kill me.

2013-07-28 [Sunrose]: I might be able to add German, later.. :P

2013-07-28 [Viking]: Excellent!

2013-07-31 [Sunrose]: I forgot..

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