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An Elftown Fantasy Wiki!

Affiliated with: Elftown_Welcoming-Committee
Indexed under: Welcoming-Committee_Personnel

Welcome to Elftown's Welcoming Committee Administration!

Welcome to the main administration page for the purpose of providing the names of and the sub-links
to, for more information about the positions of those whom are the highest ranking officers of the Welcoming-Committee_Personnel for the Elftown_Welcoming-Committee project, an operation with the intended goal of helping new Elftown members feel welcome, become more easily and more quickly acquainted with our wonderful community, Elftown.

An administrative position is difficult to obtain. Since this mission based and is to be kept based around the involvement of the general community, the greater populous of Elftown, and its expansion, this operation will NOT be run by the Council. Council members are welcome to be an active part, but with this particular operation, they will be considered as any other regular Elftown member is, with NO special privileges because of their title. Therefore, there will be NO favouritism whatsoever.

The administrative positions thus far are EWC-Headmaster, EWC-Master, EWC-Welcome-Witch, and EWC-Wiki-Wizard. These will be filled by appointment by the EWC-Headmaster. The appointments will be made, based on the caliber of character evident in an individual, such as: integrity, diplomacy, dedication and commitment, honesty and trustworthiness, and amicability to name a few, which are to be accompanied with a strong desire to want Elftown to be all she can be. Displays of cavalierness in regards to this site's betterment and growth, would be a definite declination of appointment.


Elftown's Welcoming Committee "Headmaster":

<img:> ~ [Artsieladie] (Founder/Creator)
  <img:> ~ Oversees the entire project.
  <img:> ~ Appoints individuals for administrative positions.
  <img:> ~ For more info: EWC-Headmaster
  <img:> ~ See also: EWC-Founder


Elftown's Welcoming Committee "Master":

<img:> ~ Position to be appointed.
  <img:> ~ Works with the Headmaster overseeing the project.
  <img:> ~ Works with the Headmaster in resolving issues.
  <img:> ~ Helps in whatever area is needed.
  <img:> ~ For more info: EWC-Master


Elftown's Welcoming Committee "Welcome Witch":

<img:> ~ Position to be appointed.
  <img:> ~ Oversees the "welcoming" aspect of the project; maintains a pleasant atmosphere.
  <img:> ~ Officiates over the "Welcomers": Elves and Fairies.
  <img:> ~ For more info: EWC-Welcome-Witch
  <img:> ~ See also: Welcoming_Members


Elftown's Welcoming Committee "Wiki Wizard":

<img:> ~ Position to be appointed.
  <img:> ~ Oversees the wiki-wizardry (maintenance and upkeep) of the wiki-pages.
  <img:> ~ Officiates over the "Wi-ki-zards".
  <img:> ~ For more info: EWC-Wiki-Wizard
  <img:> ~ See also: Welcoming_Wiki-Wizardry

Badges will be available soon.


                  Affiliated Elftown_Welcoming-Committee Links:                  

  <img:> ~ Welcomed_Members
  <img:> ~ Welcoming_Chat-Wiki
  <img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Discussion
    <img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Personnel*
<img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Sign-up
<img:> ~ Welcoming_Guestbook-Messages

* = Return to.

                                       Affiliated Sub-links:                                       

<img:> ~ EWC-Headmaster
<img:> ~ EWC-Master
     <img:> ~ EWC-Welcome-Witch
<img:> ~ EWC-Wiki-Wizard
<img:> ~ EWC-Founder


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