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The Ankheg is a burrowing monster with a taste for fresh meat, lots of fresh meat! It has six legs and most specimens are brown but yellow is not uncommon. It is about 10
feet long and weighs about 800 pounds.
The Ankheg burrows with legs and mandibles. Usually it does not make a usable tunnel, but it can construct some sort of tunnel to use, though it's not recommended to use it.
It often digs a winding tunnel up to 40 feet below the Surface in the rich soil of forests or farmlands. The tunnel is usually 5 feet tall and wide and can have a length from 15 to 150 feet.
As mentioned before the Ankheg usually eats flesh, though it can sustain itself on
decayed organic matter. Such as plants or vegetables from a farm.

Ankheg aren't agressive animals by nature, though they can be a fierce opponent when provoked. Usually the Ankheg lays in its tunnel under the ground waiting for a pray. When its antennae spot the pray he quickly digs himself out and tries to grab the nonsuspecting victim.
Ankheg usually do not cooperate and when more than one attack they will each go for a different victim. When there are too few victims for all Anthegs involved they might resort to a tug-o-war.

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