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2005-11-11 20:55:46
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Lamias are a cross between an attractive human and a lion. The body part is lion, with a human torso rising from where the lion's head would be. They look not unlike centaurs, they only have a lion part instead of horse.
The typical Lamia stands about 7 feet tall and weighs about 600 pound.
Lamias are evil and cruel creatures that get pleasure in causing pain and suffering especially to those that serve the forces of good. They usually attack by lurying the weary paladin (or other god-guy) towards a secluded spot like an ancient ruin. They then use their Suggest ability to try and trick their victim into thinking himself safe. But as soon as the paladin falls asleep...

Lamias have the magical ability to drain knowledge from those that they attack and the Suggest ability. Lamias are nomadic creatures and due to such an existance their favored class is the barbarian class.

Note: Lamias and Wemic are not that much different. The only major difference to be found is that Wemic have a feline appearance (the human body too!) and that they are neutral and not evil like Lamias.


This Lamia is a much more ancient Lamia, and not DnD related.
The Lamia-serpent is a vampire-like creature that hunts for baby's and small childern to drink their blood. This Lamia is usually depicted as half female half serpent.
The Lamia is believed to have originally come from Greece. A molded and changed vision of the legend of Lamia. A queen from one of the many greek islands that got laid by Zeus. Hera, off course angry because her husband had cheated on her -again- cursed the poor girl. Which turned her into some monsterous snake-like creature. Along with the curse of Hera came the somewhat macabre urge to eat her own childern. And due to that, she developped a taste for little childern.
Obviously this could be the origin of the vampire lamia, that preffers little childern aswell.


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2005-11-11 [Linn Scarlett]: off course i used my al knowing dnd Monster Manuals X_X

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