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Courtesy of your local [Linderel].

The purpose of this wiki, as can be guessed from its name, is to list all poetry communities within Elftown. Basically, by a poetry community I mean a place where several people have gathered together to post their own poetry, usually in their assigned subwikis. If someone feels the need to educate me of how this perception should be widened, go ahead. However, instead of doing that, I would merely wish for you to help me in making this listing a comprehensive one. I'll be trying to dig up all active and even less active communities, but if you know of a place that isn't here yet, give me a nudge. It will be greatly appreciated. Hopefully, this listing will also help in re-finding some communities and breathing life back into them - sadly, many of the wikis I came across have seen no activity for a good long while.

Here you can also discuss, on the comment section, your thoughts on what a poetry community should be like, and perhaps even bring forth your opinions about the communities listed. I kindly ask you to keep civil, though; all offending comments will be deleted. I will not tolerate name-calling or fruitless arguments. Thank you.

Now, to the point.

Poetry communities of Elftown, alphabetically listed:

*First Words*
A place for anyone to come and rest their feet and post a poem, or perhaps share a story or a secret. Has separate pages for poems and stories, and the poem page is further divided into subwikis by author to make browsing a bit easier.

*Yours and Mine: ET Poets United*
- Smallish community where anyone can join and set up a subwiki for their own works. Seems to be only sporadically alive.

Abstract poetry
- If you have written poetry that makes no sense whatsoever and want others to see it, this is the place to post. You can define 'abstract' however you like - the poem certainly need not make any kind of sense, and as long as it's not about fantasy and/or razorblades, you can post most everything. However, the page has a definition from the Oxford Dictionary just to help you out if you're confused. There is also a list of people who have posted their poetry on the page. Old submissions have been transferred to a subwiki.

- This wiki is fairly unorganised, people posting their poetry on the page itself without assigned subwikis. It somehow fits better this way, though. They're looking for dark-themed poems only, so don't go here if you want to read something cute and fluffy.

Finnish Poetry
- Wiki founded by yours truly, dedicated as a gathering place for the Finnish poets of Elftown. Sporadically alive, featuring special activities such as holiday collaborations and an ongoing collaboration called 'Neverending story'. Also, the members take turns in choosing the poem featured on the main page.

Great Poets United
You think you're a great poet? Go there, and if the members think your poetry is good enough, they'll accept you in their ranks. That aside, they also judge and critique each other's poetry and try to have a blast. Separate member and poetry pages, and the poetry page is furthermore divided to subwikis by author. Keep yer chin up and stay confident is their spirit.

Kelly's Paper
- Here new members apparently can post their poetry on the main page, and the founder will take care of setting them up with their own subwikis. Has a few members, but has died.

Lovers of Poems
- Gathering place for all poetry lovers to chat and post their own work. Has a rule that limits everyone to submitting only three poems, probably to keep the wiki from getting too big. Deceased.

Magic Realms Poetry
- A place that strives to be a comprehensive library of the works of all Elftown poets. Sadly, it seems to have died.

Our Song
- Simply a page for people to post their poems and lyrics. It has remained very small, and seems to have wilted a long time ago.

Peregrine Poetry
- Joining this community seems to be fairly simple, either you set up your own subwiki or the wiki founder sets you up. They've tried to give it an interactive spin by choosing a 'poet of the month' and 'poet of the week'. Looks like a nice place, but alas, it hasn't seen life in a long time.

- This wiki is set up with a fairly interesting concept - its idea is for people of different Zodiac signs to post their poetry under their own category, that is, their sign. Everything is on the main page, though, which makes it a wee bit cluttered.

Quite simply, a place to share anything that's not in the least bit happy, as far as poetry goes. Has links to the member page, the owner's poetry and the member poetry page on the main wiki. The member poetry page hasn't been further organised, and when they have run out of room, has been continued to another.

Poetry and Music
- Fairly well organised, with subwikis to list members, post works, and chat. It's a place meant for both poets and writers of lyrics, where feedback and constructive criticism is more than welcome.

Poets alike
- You're welcome to post your work, and if you so wish, ask advice and opinions from other people on the wiki.

Rejected poets
Been given weird looks for writing poetry, or your work is just not always understood? Well, no worries, here you won't be judged. You can submit anything on the subwikis for poetry, and the main page features a different poem weekly.

Solemn lines
- A fairly young community, having a goal of drawing over the most insane poets in the 'hood. Give 'em a shout in the comment box or a send a message to one of the administrators of the wiki, and they will set you up with a page of your own.

The Poet's Lounge
- Share your poetry, collaborate with others, and post interesting or thought-provoking ponderings and quotes. The introduction to this place brings a cozy, homey feeling to it.

The Shy Poets' Art
- Basically meant for those too shy to enter the Daily Poem but still wanting regocnition to showcase their work. It has people posting on the main page, with no subwikis. This, too, seems to be dead.

The Unwanted Writings
- By its own definition, this is a place for those rejected from DP and/or those who just want less restrictions. Has so-called 'polishers' to clean up bad grammar and spelling mistakes, and a couple of basic rules listed. Otherwise it's pretty unorganised, and people posted first on the main wiki, then have continued on another when it became too full.

Wittle Poetry Page
- Meant for halflings to show their work, out of the way and safe from the big people. Other races can throw in comments, too. Everything on main page.

xDark Poetsx
If your style is of the darker variety and your poems deal with macabre subjects or hard feelings, this is one place you can go to share your work. Very small and fairly unorganised.

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2006-06-03 [Your Favorite Stranger]: Shweet! We officially exist!

2006-06-25 [Moving on in Life]: YAY!

2006-06-25 [Linderel]: :o

2006-06-26 [Fizban]: There is a poem competition wiki as well...I havent been there in some time, but I will ask someone to get the link for you. I believe it would qualify for your list lol.

2006-06-26 [Linderel]: Are you talking about the Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena? If you are, then that's a no-no. It's been asked about before, but the point is, it's not really a community, but a place to battle with your poetry. If you're talking about something else, though, I'll take a look.

2006-06-26 [Fizban]: >_>...*has been shot down* lol, no that is the one I was aiming for. Well, that makes sense, so I understand your declination. I don't personally care about that wiki, for I have not been htere in months..although for that matter I might as well go back. Either way, I was only concerned for the completion of your list, if this is an unnecessary component, so be it. ^_^

2006-06-26 [Linderel]: Heh, sorry. :P But if you stumble across anything else that you think might fit, then please do give me a shout. ^.^ I appreciate all the help I can get.

2006-06-26 [Fizban]: Any time :) *will keep his eyes open*

2006-06-26 [Fizban]: Could you perhaps answer my inquiry upon the main page? :*3

2006-06-27 [Moving on in Life]: I don't like competing with my poetry...

2006-06-27 [Linderel]: Understandable. Not everyone does. Each person has their own reasons for doing whatever they do with their own work.

2006-06-27 [Moving on in Life]: Yeah. I like comparison and constrcutive criticism, though, so it's all good

2006-07-03 [Linderel]: Okay then, now I wait for people to lynch me for the adverts... :P

2006-07-03 [Moving on in Life]: lol

2006-07-04 [DarkJenni]: so this whole thing is like a contest??

2006-07-04 [Linderel]: That it ish. I'm using this listing as a tool of sorts - which was not its original purpose, mind you, it's just another listing - in informing the communities...

2006-07-04 [DarkJenni]: aw, I see...better start organizing and decorating my know...just to be sure. hehe

2006-07-04 [Linderel]: Heh, what you need to worry about is choosing a representative for the community. The contest is about poetry, not about whose wiki is the best organised. :) If you have any questions, you'll have to bother one of the other admins at Solemn Lines, since I'm leaving to Scotland tomorrow.

2006-07-10 [Moving on in Life]: I wanan be a representative.

2006-07-12 [Linderel]: Then go ahead and try to be one. :D I don't need to know that yet, the other admins and I only need to know who is to be the representative of each community when the actual World Cup rolls to a start.

2006-07-12 [Moving on in Life]: oh, ok.

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