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2006-06-08 13:07:23
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Tree Tutorial

by [liiga]

Trees are generally pesky things to draw - they involve lots of pesky textures, and shortcuts don't work well. I made this tutorial in order to suggest one approach to drawing tree bark.

The tools used for this tutorial are Corel Painter 8 and a Trust tablet. I'm not sure I'd want to try doing this with a mouse, but you can. :P

This approach works best if you work big - preferably bigger than what I have here. You can shrink it back down afterwards. There are two reasons for this; big size: 1) saves time by imitating more detail where there is less work, 2) uses the digital airbrush's subtle texture much better.

Okay enough yapping from me, let's just get to the tutorial.

tree tutorial page one
tree tutorial page two
tree tutorial page three
tree tutorial page four
tree tutorial page five
tree tutorial page six

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<img: tutorial&style=white_rabbit_green&nbdigits=8&reloads=1" alt="tree tutorial">

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2007-03-06 [Hedda]: I just made Winter tree photo reference.

2007-04-07 [Hedda]: Early spring tree photo reference has fewer images, but much better light. Still without leaves.

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