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A kind of goblinoid, an intelligent monster.

They "resemble men with bowed legs and thick, brutish arms made for crushing. A pair of twisted horns grow above their small ears... They smell of fetid meat." They have fangs instead of teeth.

They are larger, heavier and stronger than humans, and faster too in most cases.

A description of an individual Urgal (note race name begins always with a capital):
...tall, thick, and broader than a doorway, with gray skin and yellow piggish eyes. Muscles bulged on his arms and chest. An iron cap rested over the pair of ram's horns curling from his temples.

Note: The horns of a slayed Urgal are sometimes seen as a trophy of victory (especially in villages), and fitted to a public place, like the wall of a pub.

They usually travel in groups of no larger than 20 (It would be unusual to see a larger group, and it should be considered that some dark and strong force was joining the Urgals). They are quite well armed, they have the skill to make their own weaponry (i.e. a weapon can be recognised to be 'of Urgal make'). An average Urgal might carry a sword, an axe, a spear, a bow (with black arrows)... They also use shields, and wear large nail-studded boots (which make easily distinguishable footprints). They also use horns to communicate between themselves when hunting/chasing something (or perhaps the sound is to intimidate the prey).

They ride horses, but it's difficult to tell whether they'd actually breed their own steeds or steal them from settlements they attack, or would they only be supplied by some evil force that might have hired the Urgals.

They speak "in deep, rolling gutturals."


They are the elite of Urgals, look like small giants with legs and arms as thick as tre trunks.
"They don't ride because horses can't carry their weight -- not one of them is under eight feet tall -- and they can run for days without sleep and still be ready for battle. It can take five men to kill one. Kull never leave their caves except for war."

Christopher Paolini: Eragon (Inheritance Book I) (everything in italics on this page was quoted from this book)

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