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This is Elftown

Elftown is the fantasy and science fiction community for artists, writers and hangarounds. It should be easy to find other people here and to discuss whatever you like.

On Elftown you can get help with your drawings, publish your work for friends or everyone and meet friends for life from the entire world. You can put people, forums or interesting pages on watch, so that you don't miss anything that interests you.

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The Elftown wiki:

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I use Elftown because

"I use Elftown because it's green."
/ [SirWaka]

"I use Elftown because it is completely amazing and beats all the other chat/art/creative/ect... places online! And I can't really stop using it... "
/ [de Morte]

"I use Elftown because it's a great community and I don't need a ticket to submit new art on my wiki =P."
/ [HardRockAngel]

"I use Elftown because it's a great environment to post artwork immediately, create entertaining and educational wikis and mingle with some really wacky and talented folks who are into the fantasy and sci-fi elements. :)"
/ [Hendercrazy]

"I use Elftown because I love wiki-making, the contests, the council, the friendly forums, my awesome friends and because my art and writing have skyrocketed in quality and because I'm addicted to it!"
/ [Jitter]

"I use Elftown because I'm a perverted, power-abusing fascist."
/ [Calico Tiger]

"I use Elftown because if I don't log in every 108 minutes and enter the Numbers, the electromagnetic build-up in the anomaly will grow and if left unstopped it will destroy all life on Earth."
/ [iippo]

"I use Elftown, therefore I am."
/ [Shainn]

"I use Elftown because I enjoy looking through all of the talent on here and then being able to network with that talent."
/ [Asrun]

What would you say? Sign up and post it on I use Elftown because.

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