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About Elftown's front images

Right now only this front page image is used:

You're free to use this or the other frontpages elsewhere (see also Elftown logos).

Elftown's front page image used to be different depending on which address you accessed Elftown from (from 2008-10-26 and some months after). Then you could see these images:
<img0*150:et2005.jpg> <img0*150:2005ec.jpg> <img0*150:2005et3.jpg> 

History and details

The percentage after the images, describes how often they were shown before.

<img200*0:et2005.jpg> (66%)
Made by [Dr.No].

<img200*0:2005ec.jpg> (14%)
Made by [prisoner#81378]

<img200*0:2005et3.jpg> (7%)
Made by [Images]

<img200*0:20050409etfp.jpg> (6%)
Made by [Levoton]

<img200*0:2005rogue.jpg> (6%)
Made by [TheRogue]

And the old images are shown sometimes too:

<img200*0:Thetown.jpg> (1%)
Made by [Liv] and [Dr.No].

<img200*0:jotain_ja_teksti.jpg> (1%)
Made by [Maketsu].


This is not the way into Elftown! To use or to take a deeper look at Elftown you have to become a member on <URL:newuser.html> first! You can have a look at the Mainstreet on <URI:start.html> though.

Username (or number or email):


2004-10-05 [spyro]: fuck this shit

2004-10-05 [spyro]: no never mind bad deal sorry didn't mean that honestly.COmputer is being gay and it hates me!SORRY

2004-10-05 [fayfayIQ]: lol

2004-10-14 [kcam49]: whoa..

2004-10-26 [elveneyes]: whoa buddy none of that language please!!

2012-04-04 [Mortified Penguin]: I miss these old entrances... why do we never use them anymore? And why are we not allowed to comment here? D:

2012-04-04 [Hedda]: I have no idea why the comments were turned off...

I stopped changing the front page as it kind of confused people, and didn't show a constant image of what Elftown was...

2020-08-29 [Sunrose]: Can we change the front page to that of [Dr.No]? Either one of them were great. The image now with your head [Hedda], it's just creepy :P

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