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Mekashef (Returned from the American South, not here often.)

Member #135697 created: 2005-05-12 01:19:50Simple URL:   

Name: Etienne


An intrepid adventurer by the entrance to the rainforest section of the Tulsa Zoo.


Some "art" for a recent musical project. It's actually an extensively photoshopped picture of a Nabatean god-block.

The Bells of Thaul
A new story inspired by [Dint]'s art. Comments are appreciated!

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This means I'm one of the Donors of Art, I am one of the Halloween Painters, I won the Halloween Poetry Competition - 2006, I'm one of the Featured Members, I'm one of the ET Artisans, one of the Christmas Poets one of the Daily Poets and one of the Donors of Writing!

Elftown titles and orders
InterpreterTravelling bard

Main Entry: me·ka·shef
Pronunciation: mi-'ka-'shef
Function: noun
Etymology: Hebrew.
1 a: one who practices witchcraft; especially: a sorcerer b: the male equivalent of an anathema according to Exodus 22:18
2 : one skilled in black magic

Tomes of legend & mystical power, ancient & modern.
Green tea & other potent infusions.
Hakim Bey, Laozi, Charles Fort, Apuleius, Gaiman, Baudelaire, Wilde, & Qoheleth.
Fireflies, evening mist, blackberries

Opinionated ignoramuses.
Capitalism, consumerism & the forgeries that support them; advertising, television & McReligions.
Strong alcohol, poltergeists, gremlins.

In this age, there are peoples, & there are rules -- woods, cities & dark places. Paths, & unchartable territories, milestones & will-o'-the-wisps. The races of Earth need not only their rules, but also the wilderness & its terrors. The priests and the sorcerers need each other, if only because in a previous age, they were one & the same.

The subject is the chief heresiarch of the Syncretist Church of Polygnosticism, the world's smallest religion, & the founder of the philosophical doctrine known as reversed solipsism. He is the only openly occult member of his secret brotherhood (now dormant). The subject has a wicked pack of cards, basic understanding of Hermetic & Gnostic philosophical systems, & an ambivalent relationship with the deities of at least seven different pantheons. Indeed, he feels uncomfortable with all of the World's great Religions.


Please visit: HaMekashef's Second Home on Elftown.


Real-life Friends:

[Ilana] - The Midget-Lady of the Green.
[~Lady Morgana~] - Die Königin deutscher Hexen und Zwiebeln.
[Priscilla Primkin] - She slices, she dices, she's the most versatile soprano you've ever seen!
[serendipity814] - A closet otaku.
[Starbringer] - A mighty Enchantress.
[taste the rainbow, punk] - Music theory masochist.
[windae] - A powerful Sorceress. Beware her photoshop abilities.

Encounters of the Second Kind:

[avital] - Yofi! H'avera mYisra'el!
[Shainn] - The Elftown Guru. Om.
[Steve*O] - The Deliverator. Likely a Kryptonian.
[deRevenant] - A man you wouldn't suspect of owning the world's largest collection of fossilized poodles.


[deRevenant] gave me this charming chalice.

Venerable Elftowners:

[Charybdis] - Veritably sublime.
[(eeob)] - Shi-Painter Extraordinaire!
[nokturA] - Investigateur du paranormal Longueillois.
[Perplexity] - Such tasteful chaos!
[Sunny Silverunicorn] - Awesome Art from Iran.
[Sunrose] - I dare you to find something this person hasn't done for this great town.
[TheRogue] - Elftown Veteran.


The Doppelganger Effekt - the band HaMekashef sings in.
The Occult Corner - a repository of Arcane lore.
Everyone vs. Elftown



Age: 27Year of birth: 1984Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 2

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 47°54.816'N 73°49.512'W

Place of living: Canada

Town: The Basement

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
information seekingmusicweb design

alternativeclassicalfolk music
grungeheavy metalopera
progressive metalrock

Other interests
poetryreligionrole playing

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: very thin

Height: 179

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