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Gone With The Sin (Im Getting Married!!)

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Name: Lauren


my baby in basic, hes the one in the middle next to the goofy guy in glasses


thats me on the right.... not the middle

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Hey guys, Im in the louisiana state..(against my will) im really from texas. Yea i smoke....i love to smoke, smoking is my fav kiddin im not a chain smoker... cough cough

Name : Lauren
B-Day : July 29
Age : 17
Eye Color : brown
Hair Color : brown with red streaks
Height : 5'4...i think
Best Feature : my eyes
Shoe Size : i dont
Ring Size : i dont no
Addictions : smoking and
Pets : 3 dogs, 9 kats, 1 snake, 2 goats, 1 ram, 4 chickens, and 17 cows
Piercings : 2, and industrial and lip
Tattoos : no not yet
Nickname : Texas...(im in louisiana)
Car ...I had a mustang until Drew wrecked it, but Im gettin a truck now
Parents still together : yea, no
Siblings : colton, brittany, and kati
Live with Parents? : my mom
Favorite/Most Important
Feature of the opposite sex :, eyes, neck, jaw line, shoulders, and alot
Spot to be kissed : the lips and neck
Sports Team : GO ASTROS
Holiday : Christmas
Alcoholic Drink : everclear
Non-Alcoholic Drink : Dr Pepper
Quote : 'No, not today, any day, but today, just not today'
Lesson Learned : damn way to many
Thing a friend has done for you : I dont no
Thing you have done for a friend : I dont no
Baby names (girl) : Whitney
Baby names (boy) : Travis and Banner
Ben & Jerry's Flavor : Fish Food
Starbucks Drink : IDK
Season : winter
Have You Ever
Wished on a star : yea but it never works
Been in love : once...
Been out of the country : yea canada
Talked on the phone all night : oh yea...
Bungee jumped : no and never will
Driven cross-country : yes oh god yes
Had surgery : i dont think so
Been told you might die : i think so , i dont remember
Told someone you love them : yea and it hurt me
Wished you HAD told someone you loved them : i dont think so
Asked someone out : yea i have
Kissed someone (made the first move) : yea
As a child, had a skip-it : no but my sister did
What about a sock-em-bop : no i hated them
Kissed the same sex : yea its no big deal, and im straight
Gone out in public with you PJ's on : oh yea alot (with Whitney)
Laughed so hard that a liquid came out of your nose : yea snot
Had sex in a car : oh yea lol
Past Relationships
Who is the person you last broke up with : I think Mika but maybe it was Foyld<
How long did you date that person : 2 months
Was it love : no
Did you have sex with them : no
Were they older/younger : older
Were they shorter/taller : talker
Have you had other boy/girlfriends? : yea
Any you wish you could talk to : only one and I am talkin to him
Any you hate : no
Current Relationship
Do you have a boy/girlfriend : yes
Where did you meet : work..(burger king)
How long have you been together : 4 months now
What is your anniversary date : jan. 22
What is his/her full name : I no it but im not puttin it up on the internet
Were you attracted to them from the first moment you saw them : actually no
Do you trust him/her : not as much as I should
Have you cheated on him/her : its not ur business
Is it love : I think so
What's his/her favorite meal : I dont no
What's his/her favorite band : Mudvayne
High School
Public/Private : Homeschooled
Best Friend : Whitney....(RIP)
Boy/GirlFriend : cody
Job : burger king
Prom Date : adam
Best Memory : dating cody
Worst Memory : moving to louisiana
Graduate(?) : no not yet
Leave a virgin :
This or That
Strawberries/Blueberries : Strawberries
Meat/Veggie : I LOVE MEAT....stupid veggies
TV/Movie : Movies
Hugs/Kisses : Kisses
Guitar/Drums : drums
Chinese/Mexican : chinese
Day/Night : night
Cheerios/Corn Flakes : cheerios
Snickers/MilkyWay : snickers
Gold/Silver : silver
Black/Brown : black
Elvis/Beatles : none
Sprinkles/Icing : sprinkles
Cookie/Donut : cookies
Cake/Pie : depends
Coke/Pepsi : dr pepper
am : Stupid
thought : i was 16 again
need : a truck
want : a job
love : some one
hate : you
wish I was : back in texas
will always : remember cody

Age: 20Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 29

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 11°39.276'N 129°51.270'W

Place of living: USA-Louisiana

Town: Alexandria

Known languages

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests

countrygrungeheavy metal

Other interests
animalsartboard games
bookscard gamescars
catschasing the preferred sexcooking
crime storiesdogsdrinks

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 163

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