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Name: Tasha S.


The only thing against us now is time. [<3]



Anybody want to have an intelligent discussion?

Note: I do not enjoy hate comments. So preferably, don't send them. K, thanks.

My name is tasha. I am sixteen and I live in Ohio. [I am also short and I'm often called] "hobbit" or Oompa Loompa.(I just happen to have a Willy Wonka). I have a passion for helping others and being a good person. Someday, helping others will be my career. I'm a proud abstinator. I'm agnostic. I enjoy school and I try to gain as much knowledge as I can. Yes, I read the Newspaper and watch the news. I am also suscribed to and other important websites. I care about this world and whats happening in it.
Nothing else.

Something that really bothers me sometimes is the way most people look at life. I can say with complete certainty that life isn't all about having fun. Not even close. Its about living well. Its about being a good person. ...Hmm. Emerson said it best I guess.
"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate; to have it make some difference that you have lived, and lived well." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


-I have self-confidence. I like who I am and who I'm trying to become.
-Of all things, I'm probably scared most of the future. But yea, I dont have that many fears because im typically really good at controlling them.
<>-I absolutely hate violence. I dont see the point of it at all.
-I love Spring.
<>I love discussing religion and learning more about it.

-Definately NOT a morning person. But I love the night.
-This was once said about me:: "You come across as confident, you're honest and speak the truth."
-I have a very varied taste in music, anything from Country to Metal. I listen to it all.

-I've dedicated my life to helping others.
-I really don't like certain people touching me.
-I am a very open person. I dont like to hide myself.

-I love my dogs. And all other animals. I have a strong passion for animals. I am part of an animal rescue group and hope to be all my life.
-I dont like some people, but I will tolerate them. I have quite a bit of patience...

-I used to be a very proud atheist. Now I am agnostic.
-I support gay marriages. I sorda support abortion.
-I do not support egotistical Christrians who judge others.
-I went through a "gothic" phase. Or so my mother calls it. I also used to be quite overweight, but then I became what my sister called "anorexic". But I'm over all that.
<>I love deep and long conversations. Mainly because I'm horrible at small talk.
-I dont like to drink pop. Water is MUCH better.
-I spend a lot of time thinking.
-I am an ex-cutter. :(
-I despise being called stupid. I may not be the most intelligent person, but I am not stupid. And I am always willing to learn or gain more knowledge.

-I usually tell people I hate my mother, but I realize I dont hate her. Hate is a strong word thats used much too often. I don't hate her. I just have no respect for her and I extremely dislike her. For good reasons too.

-I absolutely love to read!
-I still sleep with stuffed animals and a baby blanket.
-I have TONS of pillows on my bed..... and I only use two of them.
-I love storms, and the smell of the air right before them.
-I used to walk about barefoot all the time...before I got my Vans. :P

I have awesome friends that make me extremely happy.
<>I'm optimistic and usually look for the good in things. I trained my mind to work this way.

- I dont like alcohol. I DON'T like drugs. I dont even take medicine unless a doctor makes me. I am very strongly against any type of medication.
<>-Proud Abstinator
-My room is basically always clean. I have an obsession with having a clean room.

-I dont like to wear makeup...if I'm ugly then so be it. 
-I hate being bored. Im bad at being bored.
-I prefer it if people dont slaughter the English language. (ppl who tipe lik dis get on my nerves)

-I have a huge sticky outtie ugly looking mole underneath my left armpit. My friends and I named it Blanch. It sorda looks like a old raisin. :S Lovely isn't it?
-I have a very old and bad habit of chewing my nails when I'm nervous.
-I hate shopping. I absolutely HATE wasting money.
-I love loud music.


*Some other stuff*

My life...hmmm... I appreciate my life even though its not that great. [My family sucks terribly but my friends make up for that.] I have 9 dogs,7 American Cocker Spaniels, one Springer Spaniel, and an English Pointer to be specific. My family and I have been training our dogs for 8 years. I am very involved with dog training and 4-H. Yes...I am a 4-H geek. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I have dog training classes. Every other Thursday I have 4-H meetings. And on weekends I have dog shows. When I'm not doing dog stuff, I'm at ROP or hanging out with my wonderful friends. My life revolves around dog training, my dogs and my friends.

I'm try my hardest to be a kind person. Even when a person doesn't deserve kindness I am willing to give it out. I rarely get angry, and even when I do, I do not feel the need to show my anger towards people.
I am big on respect. My view is that everyone needs to respect others... Disrespecting people is completely immature and there is no need for it.

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:::['s impossible to ignore you.x]:::


Pepper:: is my best friend. I love her like she is any other person or friend. Some people think she's just a dog, but she is practically my life along with my other friends. Peppy and I have a bond that most people would never understand.

P.S. Just gonna get one more fact out there:
Breeding for money is WRONG. Seriously... I dont understand how some people can even call themselves animal lovers if they are breeding irresponsibly. There are TONS and tons of animals being euthanized each year. And there are tons and tons of dogs in abusive, neglecting homes. A real dog lover cares for every living dog... not just their pets and puppies. Irresponsible breeding is not caring. Its showing your ignorance. Its truelly saddening. Some people are so blind they cannot see they are hurting the dog population....
Buying a pupppy from a pet store or a "breeder" (people from the dog world call those BYB's which means backyard breeders) does not mean the dog is healthy. Infact, most pet stores get their pet supply from puppy mills. Puppies from pet stores aren't of good quality because GOOD breeders wouldn't supply stores with their puppies. And only healthy dogs with good quality should be bred. There just aren't enough homes already for all the dogs in the U.S.....why breed more that won't have homes!?

Anyway...I'm done ranting.

BSL is BS. For those who don't know.. BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation in which they ban a certain breed becuase they are thought to be "vicious". This is discrimination. Its no different than trying to ban black people because they are supposedly prone to commit crimes. ITS PLAIN BS. Its ignorant to support BSL. No certain breed(s) is born vicious. They are taught that by either human monsters or irresponsible owners. And what happens of BSL passes in many of states? Logically its simple. The monsters that turned Pit Bulls into a commonly known vicious breed will go right after another breed and ruin it. Why not deal with the REAL problem instead of being cowards and banning the innocent dogs? Because the real problem isn't with the dogs...its the human race!

If you have any questions about BSL, responsible dog ownership, breeding, puppy mills, etc. please come ask me. I would love to help educate you. :)

Its pathetic how the new "cool" thing is depression.

And PETA is gosh darn stupid.

Its irritating when kids or teenagers always say they are mature for their age. Maybe they should stop saying it and prove it to me with their actions??
Just because a person hangs out with people older than them, or drinks, or smokes, or parties with adults, does not make them mature. Infact, I believe thats called immaturity.
Maturity, to me, is more than just the way you act. Its the way you think!
If you are not wise for your years, you are not mature. I could care less if a person still acts silly or like a child sometimes. Just as long as they are mature in mind.

In recent times, I have officially became lacto-vegetarian (with the except for fish). Which means, I do not eat meat or eggs, but I drink and eat dairy products. I would love to ditch the dairy products as well, but my current lifestyle puts a limit to that.
*gasp* A vegeterian. Actually, for me its not biggie. I've never eaten much meat in the past anyway.

The biggest thing I do not want people to confuse is that I'm not vegetarian because I think eating animals, hunting, etc. is wrong. 

So why am I vegetarian??
Simple. Factory farming is so completely disgusting, cruel, and just plain wrong. The way they treat the animals is horrible. Don't believe me? Just message me and I will get you the facts.
Also, factory farming pollutes the air and water. Its just a lot of wasted money, land, water, and energy. So, who here considers themselves environmentalists? Do you also eat meat? Thats quite a huge contradiction isn't it?
Oh, and guess what! A vegetarian diet can feed significantly more people than a meat eating diet. So if you are worried about the world hunger issue and think you cannot help. Try vegetarianism. That can help.

So, vegetarianism not only helps the animals, the environment, and world hunger.... it helps you! A vegetarian diet is much heathier for you.
"Vegetarian diets offer a number of nutritional benefits, including lower levels of saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal protein as well as higher levels of carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, potassium, folate, and antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E and phytochemicals. Vegetarians have been reported to have lower body mass indices than nonvegetarians, as well as lower rates of death from ischemic heart disease; vegetarians also show lower blood cholesterol levels; lower blood pressure; and lower rates of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and prostate and colon cancer."

What other reasons do you need? :P

"Think occasionally of which you spare yourself the sight." -Albert Schweitzer
"You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late." -Emerson


Tasha and Peppy

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All I need to know is that I'm something you'll be missing.

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