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loonygirl2005 (Just living and working towards paradise)

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Name not really that important so for now call me loonygirl2005.

I graduated college a couple of years ago and found out something. There is a price we all pay to become useful. Its strange I read what I have on here and its musings of a young college/highschool student. So here is the real loonygirl2005 as of now.

I am still strict on drug use and cybering. However I have married recently so yes I do get romantic with him. I don't really RP much anymore. I am still willing to be a friend to anyone who needs one and would be willing to share insight if asked but there are struggles I now face. I won't go into detail about those on here. One of the hardest lessons I have learned is change goes both ways the people you know change and go away, you also change. I guess that is the way of things. My challenge is to balance that out. If you are reading this thanks for caring enough to do so that is all.


Extended verison of current Rp.

Rroleplay Another good rp.

I am a A StarShield Dragon!

Hey, I took the online Inner Dragon quiz and found out I am a StarShield Dragon on the inside.


Sexual preferences: I'm straight

Bad Habits: Talking way to much and not hearing enough. Second guessing myself at a lot of things. Being repetitive. being too forward.

Movies: I like watching like Lord of the Rings and some kids movie such as The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. Hey I'm a kid at heart leave me alone. Kids movies are better for us dreamers sometimes.

Ambition: I know making money is important but I just want to make a small difference. What's the point in being rich if you have not touched a single person in your life. I want to influence kids to dream,explore and learn important lessons on what life has to offer.

Note: I want to be a good friend and if the choice were to arise I could be a lover but there are no guarantees. I have other things to worry about so please forgive me if I come across as cross.

Guide to a book worms heart

1. Ask about the book they're reading and tell them what books you read. (Even though you guys may think it's stupid it works on book worms.)

2. If we use words you don't understand ask us to use general terms.

3. Don't tell us we're the hottest looking thing around if you don't mean it.

4. Take interest in our conversations about comparing books to reality.

5. Invite us to try something new. (Trust me seen many people like me get ignored.)

6. Don't ask us to change our style too drastically.

7. Despite what people think we have other interests too so ask us about them.

8. Don't flaunt us like we are trophy's.

9. Show us that fairy tales of a guy getting interested in us is real and not something that just happens in movies.

10. You can talk about your ex but don't compare us too often unless we ask.

11. You don't have to adore us to death but you can flirt lightly. (No that does not mean you feel our figures ok)

12. Do not say plainly that you're different without something to smooth it out.

13. We are flexible when a guy notices us we'll get a little involved with your interests. DO NOT THINK WE ARE WILLING TO DO A COMPLETE 180 ALL THE TIME!

14. Make sure you don't get to conceded in your personality.

15. Treat us as more than just the smart girl in my class.

16. Allow us to be our different selves without being too embarrassed. (We do have manners ok but we don't like to be constricted.)

17. Just like us for who we are not by our smarts alone.


Come here, Go Away

I know my morals can be hard to read.
I love meeting people but I will not let many close
I know not all guys are assholes but thanks to the ones who I ran into that were
I had to invest extra protection around my strength and weakness
I am forced to draw a clear line even though I want to be open.
I stare truth in the eye
So please try not to misunderstand when I give you the come here go away sign.


My Worried Heart

I can't explain why I seem to fail in friendships, I can't tell
I try to be strong, yet my emotions of loss makes my personality get frail
I know some of things I say is wrong and my over eager notion to please will lead me to become a rug on the floor
I fret at night behind my bedroom door as I lay in cold but soothing dark
I feel my eyes flooding with tears of failure as my fears remain untold

I can't seem to understand why how ever hard I try, I loose strong ties
Maybe it's because people fear that I tell nothing but lies
I find people that can be so dear but the thought of not being trusted is always in the back of my mind
I try so hard to be kind and very cordial about my meetings with friends
However some time later I find myself at a bitter goodbye with a very close friend of mine which means the end of it
So many trails I've been through and have felt me slowly come apart inside
Whenever I get a new friend I smile and try to hide my worried heart

Advice for Guys

The most common flower girls get for a date is a rose
Sometimes, the poetic love will compose a romantic prose of love
It's a sweet notion but girls want to feel special
Maybe it seems obsolete and stupid to guys but it works
A girl would like to have the dream of, a guy that cares about her personality, come true
This is coming for a romantic's point of view

Yes a rose is lovely and represents passion
What would make the girl to hug you and kiss on you is a notion of compassion
I know it's hard to swallow your pride sometimes but if you don't your head will be in a whirlwind of regret
One way to get out of such a debt you can find the perfect flower that is a lot like the girl you love
Trust me this advice can be solid gold and sends her heart above and beyond

Fear and tears

Through all the nights I spend alone
Wrestling and fighting trying to figure out things on my own
I don't want to feel empty inside
There are certain things I can not hide

I hate to lose or hurt a person I call a friend
I also can not use him for my selfish desire to begin
I'm sorry for the pain I have caused for a dear person
It is better this way it is a hard lesson

I still have such fear that makes me stay in my ivory tower
I feel the lords power but am scared to let a man in
I need someone who can face it and tell me that my life will soon begin

He needs to tell me to stop being stupid but also be understanding that wounds take time
I hope to see the loving sign someday, and someone who will love me dear
That will face and kiss away my tears and fears.

Leaving the past

Spent so many years wanting what I don't have
Weeping over something that no longer exists
Now the time has come to say goodbye.
No more time for weak alibi's
Now I must learn to live past the shadow.
The time has come for me to try to fly.


[Fluna] She is my little sister who I hope will behave herself but can't help but love.

[Lirerial] Adopted on here. Even though she is a tad random still love her all the same. I hope she will be all right.


[Siyue] Awesome friend from highschool. Will graduate this year. I wish her the best in all she does.

[Silver Moon] SUPER COOL FRIEND I MET ON ELFTOWN! She is also in college working for a degree. I am humbled to be considered a friend of someone interesting like her.

[Ravendust] A talented writer and a great person to talk to. She writes really good fanatasy Rps. Glad to know I am considered to be one of her friends. I hope her dreams come true.

[♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀] She is a unique person with a tough girl poker face. I LOVE DIFFERENT PEOPLE! *hugs* I hope all works out for her.

[Fearathress] Interesting person who has similar family roots to me. She seems talented, strong and torturious lol. Hope all works at the way you want.

[shir t.] She is one of my first friends on Elftown. She is a tallented artist with wisdom and strif. Thank you for being my friend.

[Apostolic_Girl88] seems like a nice person. Don't know too much about her.

[Gillie] Sweet guy friend to talk to. I hope all will work out for you.

[munch21] A cute guy with an interesting attitude. HOPE YOU FIND YOU A NICE GIRL!

[Xorital] Another opinionated friend and sweet to talk to. Another hopeless romantic who is wanting something extraordinary and is willing to be there for all his friends. He is also in the school band! Hope your school year goes well.

[Dezmond] A fun loving, a bit of a mischievous nature but funny anime junkie and fellow pursuer of the dream to become something other than just a minor footnote. ROCK ON FRIEND OF MINE!

[Raziel Cronos] Sweet, Honest and a protective guy who has helped my broken heart. KNOWS ESCAFLOWNE! -jumps around- Ahem anyway he is another guy that I met that I care a lot about. EVEN THOUGH HE DOES CALL ME BRAT. -sticks tongue out- Anyway so happy to meet an honest to God sweet guy.

[The GraveDigger] He is sweet. I wish I could help him but seems like I hurt rather than help. I would love for him to try to be happier.

[M.C. criss cross] A nice friend who treats me with respect. I wish you happiness.

[Pulsar] A wonderful person who loves art and dragon rps. Glad to have met him on here. He is logical and has a good sense of humor. I wish him success in all of his goals.

[MrMcDaniel] Sweet friend that I have come to know on here. I wish I had some of his self confidence on how cool he is. I wish him the best.

If you are not bored by this point then congratulations have a cookie or give yourself a pat on the back.

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Age: 29Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 3

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
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Place of living: USA-West Virginia

Town: Wouldn't you like to know.

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Elfwood artist: Yes

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poetryrole playingsinging

Civil status: married

Sexual preference: opposite sex

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