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Singing my own Song (9.00am starts should be banned)

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Name: Lil Emma

Another BBQ by Durham river

Arsing around at the BBQ :D


Scott, Lil Steph and Ian


Because we love our Scott :D


Quote of the Day...


Ian - *To Lil Emma* Jeeesus, You're not here two seconds and you're already wet!


About Me...

I be 19 :D

At college I studied
(and loved in this order):
English Literatue

I'm now at Northumbria Uni to study History! *Happy Dance* :D
1st year I studied
(and loved in this order):
US History from 1865
Culture and Civilisation in Western Tradition
Pre-Industrial Europe
Contemporary Europe and the World
Transformation of Britain 1750-1914
The Practice of History

2nd year I will be studying:
Medieval Thought and Culture
From Anti-Slavery to Anti-Globalisation
Jews, Muslims and Christians in the Middle Ages
The Age of Revolution
Perspectives on the Past
Historians at Work

I'm eclectic. In music, clothes, etc.

I write stories & poetry (very very infrequently)

I'm an artist & a photographer

I'm a historian!

I'm a major hugger :D

I love allll my friends

I have been known to quote/video/photograph my friends in a semi-stalkerish way xD
As seen here:
NCD Quotes
Northumbria Quotes

I'm happiest in Art
Or reading
Or with friends
Or with friends in the pub xD


My Obsessions...

I can't live without music (honestly, body begins to shut down and everything)
I also sing (loudly and enthusiastically) when no one’s listening (cos when I have earphones in they sneak up on me and scare the shit outta me *glares at mother*)
Singing my own Song's Music

I read A LOT
I can sit reading for hours at a time, finish books in a couple of days, and become temporarily deaf to everything around me when immersed in a good book
Singing my own Song's Reading list

Harry Potter
I have a teddy, whom I adore <3, and his name is Severus
I'm also completely in love with HP FanFiction/FanArt/FanVids and a GREAT DEAL of HP Slash :D

Doctor Who & Torchwood
I'm currently contemplating buying a sonic screwdriver.... JUST so I can say I have one....(correction I've BOUGHT a sonic scewdriver :D)
David’s last scenes as the 10th Doctor were absolutely AMAZING
And John Barrowman is just awesome, he really is. I'd love to meet him

I LOVE all things Tudor. Mainly Henry VIII and his children. Above all I’m interested in Elizabeth I, her life and reign. I eagerly soak up everything I can learn about her from books and films. If it were up to me, I would just sit in the middle of a pile of books and just read about the Tudors for the rest of my life :D

I also love studying:
The World Wars & The Cold War
Dictators such as Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin & Stalin
And Anicent History & Mythology


My friends...

[Former NCD Rabble]
Is the house used by, as you would guess, all the former NCD Rabble so that they can access and edit our Uni Quotes wiki pages that are now in use :D

An absolutely fabulously amazing friend
Though it's a wonder that sticking with me for 7 years hasn't resulted in him being institutionalised xD
Kinda hard to tell who's insanity rubbed off on who lol

Big Steph & Big Emma
Because they are basically inseparable these days lol.
Two of the most wonderful friends ever and even better now they've FINALLY got together. Took you's long enough lol
Love you both to bits

Lil Steph
Probably the most insane & dirtiest member of the group lol
She gives everyone around her a warm fuzzy feeling...til the smell hits and then most people are suddenly comatose xD
Just amazingly kind and generous and we couldn't live without her

Incredibly like me! As we discovered one pubbage outing :D
Just a wonderful friend who can come up with more ginger jokes than the rest of us put together lol
Always laughing when Rachel's around

Probably the best dressed out of us all & just absolutely wonderfully insane
Gonna miss you loads now we've left college :(



Singing my own Song's Reading list
Singing my own Song's Music
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The idiotic things Ian says
The ULTIMATE Quotes of Caffy and Emi
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The Stanley Freak's Quotificatious Convos
Stanley School Photos! 
Stanley School Prom 07
Sculpture day


If it doesn't say that it's someone else's quote/graphic then it's mine. So people, no stealing, no borrowing, don't even touch it :D

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