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Skemo the Hedgehog (Please dont send me emails, message me here!)

Member #185912 created: 2008-08-04 06:24:00Simple URL:   

Name: Jonathan Charles Manwaring (Brown) the 1st and hopefully the last :P


I am the one and only SKEMO, mess with me and I lick your cheek, and pretend to know Kung Fu on yo asssss, fear me :P
Ive got my lip pierced now! It actually didnt hurt folks, and its over in under a minute, so why dontcha get yours done no?


Am I Emo or am I Scene?
I was held down by at least 8 people to have this done, I must say having eyeliner put on is one of the most painful experiences ever :o

Elftown titles and orders
BeggarStreet childAdventurer


Im also on:
Elfpack as icedragon
Fake as Skemo the Hedgehog (dont go on there much, for obvious reasons -_-)
Facebook, add me!
Msn, add me!

Wooooooo! Welcome to my house! Careful, theres a slight breeze! :P

Johny Manwaring (Brown) here! I'm
an average guy who likes sports, video games, going out with my mates for some fun and goth/emo/skater/punk girls^^. I'm fun, funny, happy (most or the time) and intelligent. Im heavily into music, I play the guitar, keyboard and have a go at Tails' Drumkit from time to time :) Im a member of the upcoming band thats hopefully gonna rock the world one day, we're called 40rty-free :P

I study Public Services at New College Durham so I can be a police officer, cool!

Music is my life, Im trying to start a band, its going, well, not so smoothly at the moment, I need a job! lol Anyhow, my music:
Artist       Favourite song

Paramore: Emergency, Born for This, Brighter (All her songs rule!)
Children of Bodom: Are you Dead Yet, In Your Face
Crush 40: Open Your Heart, I am... All of me
Bentley Jones: Dreams of an Absolution
Vanessa Carlton: A Thousand Miles
Meatloaf: I'll do anything for love, Alive
TJ Davis: Can you Feel the Sunshine?
Zebrahead: His World
Bowling for Soup: Endless Possibility, Girl All the Bad Guys Want
DragonForce: Through the Fire and the Flames
Shania Twain: Im Gonna Getcha, Up
The Corrs: Radio
How awsome is this guitar? Is it mine though? Take a guess :P

Every kind of music brings out the best in me except country and classical :P

My favourite messages that have been sent to me so far:
"shut up u little mong, go sniff sonics ass u little wanker coz thts all you will eva do in life coz ur an ugly little fucktard" from [muahahahAH]

Lets see, erm... what else can I put here?


My newest guitar, Named Amy Ell after [Amy ツ], my inspiration for all my latest artistic things :)

My hair tends to change colour alot now :P Im a huge dork too :P

Wooooooooooooooo, I love to take pictures of myself, gotta problem? :P

I get easily depressed, ever wondering what goes through my head? This pretty much explains it -_-

This is the crew at Lionheart Radio, Bad photo, but Im the one at the back with the checkered shirt, next to [Amy ツ], lol, fun times :)

This is [son of bodom] and me at Halloween '08, hes my best friend, my life would be over without him <3 :P

This is Sarah, My Scene Princess, lol <3

Wooo Tails, you are a legend ^^

My friends on elfpack:

[son of bodom]: David or Tails, this guy is mint once you get to know him, of course, I find it better to annoy the fuck out of him, lol
[--0-0-0-]: Craig: an old friend from school, this is a guy you can trust with anything, and he's quite the comedian
[wildbeast]: Hopey, the old hopey may I add, that guy we used to know and love and not the [muahahahAH] hes being nasty to everybody as :(
[theworm]: Holly, my very special friend, even though she's from america she is always close to me :)
[Amy ツ]: Amy, Aka, cutie petutie from Alnwick, what a cool girl, knows how to make me smile...
[lucy is a gilf:)]: Met this cool girl via amy, ^.^
[Gunshot Bride]: Sam, she really deserves to be on here, she got me outta my shell and helped me realise a few things when I was so depressed I lost my memory, Thankies! ^^
[sonyERECTION]: Simon, a really cool guy who also helped me come outta my shell, my skate park buddy ^^
[Fading Away]: Carla, Simon's girlfriend and overall coolness
[ImClare]: Clare, coolness of an emo =]

Hmmm... i dont have many friends on here... lol

To find out more message me, ^.^

My Wiki's:
Sonic, Knuckles and me O.o
Pansy Pot!
Super dooper drawings

To find out more, message me, and take a look at this and leave a comment!
Everybodies favourite blue hedgehog in detail

I also make my own Sonic games, check them out:
Ashura the Glitch

Age: 22Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 18

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Halfling

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Town: Stanley, Durham

Known languages

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat
strategy gamesvideoWindows

heavy metalpopprogressive metal

Other interests
card gamescarscats
chasing the preferred sexcookingdogs
pornrole playingsinging

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: normal

Height: 173

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