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The Last Dragoon (doing a Naruto themed RP, interested? message me.)

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Name: Vincent (some of my friends call me Kai)

[Hendercrazy]'s Deadeye is completed ^>^

the latest Deadeye pic, courtesy of [Sedna] ^>^

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A gift from [Angelis Nightfall]

Fight as One

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I promise to answer them 100% truthfully
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My Vids


From astro adoption

These are the anthro RPG's where Deadeye's tale is told.
for the current tales check yiff and a bottle of rum
for the earlier adventures see chronicals of the swords
For the complete and up-to-date list of all the RP's that I'm involved in then head here...RP's.




Nice lady


This is the guy who introduced me to Elftown, so blame him, Okay?


Mess with [Rat Hacker] and things WILL get messy!!.



This is a little tune I wrote a while back, it still needs a title.
Please tell me what you think, be brutal but honest OK, I'd really like to thank [Angelis Nightfall] for the Title and the inspiration for the second verse, I really appreciate it. ^>^

Forever Safe

I look in your eyes
There's nothing to hide
I see all the pain and anguish inside
I'll take all your fears
Wipe away all the tears
And show you a brand new world that's inside

You’ll be safe in my arms
Kept free from all harm
So kiss all those scars from your life goodbye
You’ll never know pain
The sun will shine again
And warm up your soul from high in the sky

[Song Of The Moment:] The Sound of Freedom by Sonic Underground
[Cinema Film Of The Moment:] Short Circuit 2 (courtesy of Crackle)
[DVD Of The Moment:] Starship Troopers
[Anime Of The Moment:] Naruto
[Manga of The Moment:] Everyday Monster Girls
[Book Of The Moment:] Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
[Food Of The Moment:] Meatball Sub
[PS2 Game Of The Moment:] Dragonquest VIII: Journey of The Cursed King
[PS1 Game Of The Moment:] Chrono Trigger
[Gamecube Game Of The Moment] Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
[360 Game of The Moment] The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim
[PS3 Game of the Moment] God of War: Acension
[XBox Game of the Moment] Fable: The Lost Chapters

And just because I feel like it


In brightest day
In blackest night
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evils might
Beware my power
Lantern Oaths

Here's a DragonBall Z vid I think you'll like

This is actually a very cool vid about Naruto and the rest of team 7, and the song is a little old but still one of my favorites from my childhood.

This vid shows the Flash's greatest moment

This is an exellent tribute to one of my favorite RPGs, thanks to [Oh, this is still active? Lol] for telling me that the song used for this vid was Aerials by System Of A Down, now I can quiet the nagging voices in my head.

My first music vid on Youtube, let me know what you think, Okay?


Legend of Zelda sorta ^>^

This is just plain fun! ^>^

A great movie and an exellent anime combined

My friends, Tell 'em Deadeye sent ya.
[*~*Happy The Penguin*~*]




[Aki Neko]

[Alexi Ice]

[Alexis Kate]

[Balthezar Arith]



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[Rising Death Dragon]




[Sailor Uranus XD]


[Sheena my girl]


[Sinful Valentine666]


[Snow Leopard]



[Super Sonic]

[Sweetheart, you're a fucking trainwreck.]

[Synthetic Roses]

[tall harry potter88]

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[Unnamed Swordsman]

[Vampire Princess Twilight]



[WhiteWolf of the Mists]

[wicked fae mage]





[J.R. MacKenzie]

[~*Crimson Rose*~]

[~Crimson Angel~]

[~Good gurl gone wild~]

[♥ Arctic ♥]

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