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Dil* (gone)

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new sketch, this means I'm WAY out of practice -_-;

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elftown graphics dilandau


Insult on a page: 3e239e328reurd@#@@40

cultural/moral relativism is bullshit
why pro-choice is better
dil's rant on kant
draw dil - [new contest I just made ]

"99% of the teen population don't know that Abercrombie and Fitch is using this lameass repost as a way of advertising. 1% knows about this clever ruse. And it doesn't include you at this segregation station." - [Doormat]

Discovery! I have found god, and he's cleverly disguised as [Hedda].

-I'm in university now for science, I won't be on as often.

---->corpse of elftown

1.New Poem: "Her(s)."
2.Wiki Projects that I have in mind:
perfume ad - photoshop tutorial[ done now!!!! yay! ]
Strong Atheism
NIN fans
fair abortion discussions
Anne Coulter is a bitch
Debate Battleground

5004838% of teens agree that the message regarding teens standing up to god is stupid. Repost this if you're part of the 5004838%



96% of teens don't know that [NOOOPE] is our God and savior. Post this in your house if you're the 4% who do.



Carrie Stats:

Demonique Class A.
-Stands at an intimidating height of 5"3.5
-Has pitch black eyes, no, not dark brown or any of that rubbish, pitch black
-enjoys devouring the flesh of strawberries
-enjoys wrecking havoc upon the minds of mere mortals
-destroys whole kingdoms for fun
-has a part time job at McDonalds, held for irony purposes
-has an inane fear of small children
-Is insane.

I'm a tad odd (this should become apparent after you get to know me). I enjoy reading, writing, debating, and drawing. I read mostly fantasy novels, but as of late, I've been reading some philosophy. I draw all sorts of things, mostly anime at this point in time though. I create graphics on photoshop7 and do a bit of webdesign (amateur). I write poetry and sometimes philosophy. I enjoy reading Nietzsche and studying atheology (philosophy of atheism). Satanists make me laugh, but I'm not one of them. Communists make me laugh, but I'm not one of them. I also have an inverted pentagram, it cracks me up. I'm very open-minded. That means I'll consider your ideas, but that doesn't mean I won't ridicule/scrutinize them. My personality is infectious. I'm a beautiful pathology.

I'm going to university in a couple of months for sciences. I'm compatable with many things.

I prefer to have intelligent conversation. If you send me a 'hi' message with no substance, chances are, I'll ignore it. If you ask for my email address and I don't know who the fuck you are, I'll laugh at your loser ass and ignore the message (and block you if you try to message me again). If you ask to cyber, I will also laugh at you or send a sarcastic insulting message back. That is all.

Yeah, besides that, don't be afraid to message me. I dislike the emo subculture, but that doesn't mean I'll be a snob and not answer *any* messages by *anybody emo*. I can make the distinction between an individual and the subculture they prescribe to. The individual is not the subculture.

Market Anarchy.

<img:img/photo/30019_1075859253.jpg> virgin pride


Art Contests

hero contest - join!!
fushigi yuugi contest - join!


Dil Rants:

People on Elftown Who Piss Me Off

I wish some of these asshats would pissoff to mySpace or some other decrepit sleazehole.

1.People who come here solely to cyber
2.emo clones
3.Non-artistic people who have no interest in art whatsoever and come here to I don't other scum who have appeared here. I have no issues with non-artists who come here to appreciate art, but alot of these people are using elftown like some sort of pathetic dating service or personal vanity photo album. Pisses me off. I have to sift through this garbage everyday. It's an honour to be a patroller, but...sometimes it gets to me.
4.People with IQ's lower than their shoesizes.
5.People who have nothing but lists of random surveys that nobody ever reads.
6.People who list off a million names of their IRL friends. (what the heck is the significance of that?)
7."Insecure" people who post millions of pictures of themselves.
8."Punks" and other anti-conformist wannabe scum.
9.People who hate elftown yet still crawl back long enough to bitch about it.
10."Goths" that can hardly spell their own names correctly.
11.Anti-label hypocrits
12.People who call themselves 'bitches' to look tough.
13.Wiggers and other chav idiots

Of course, almost all of the above I have to deal with in real life, but elftown is my escape from everyday mundane stupidity.

So you want to be different?

For all you idiots out there who think being different is 'cool' think again. That poor bastard over there who's got no friends, he's truly the different one. So different in fact that he is incompatable with most of the student body. You know who I speak of, there are always the loners and the rejects and the misfits. They know the true suffering of being too different. Be happy with what you got and try to help those people out.

Ghost World
The Chumscrubbers
Interview with a Vampire
Catch me if you Can
Donny Darko
The Corporation
Fight Club
Napolean Dynamite




She wears pink.
Splattered with black ink.
I wear black.
It is pink which attacks.

Pondering, wandering by the sea.
A quotation swims free:
“Happiness is not a fish.”
Nor is it a fine dish.

A dentist jumps off a bridge.
He already paid his mortgage.
Time to roll up the sleeves,
Happiness is not green leaves.

I’ve become so neutral.
I need PayPal.
To purchase uniqueness.
To destroy meekness.

To contrast is to exist.
To normalize is to desist.

The pills aren’t working today.
I threw them all away.
It is not the month of may.
I am forced a moment to stay.

Breathing has a fee.
Breathing has a fee.
It’s almost time to go.
The tide is too slow.

Julie and me sitting by the sea.
We drowned Hamlet, it is to be.

-for more: dilandau's poetry




dilandau's sketchbook


My Wikis:
elftown graphics dilandau
dilandau's sketchbook
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Good Wikis:
so you wanna make an emo house?
Art ((sponsered by Tena))
bush haters association
gay marriage debate
hf gay marriage
art contests
CC page
Canucks Unite
church of rock
Bishonen hunks
Which Font are you?
Evolution Debate Page
Theological Discussions
Best of Best Artists on Elftown
elftown wiki poetry dueling arena




All my friends are special..but some of them are extra special for the reasons outlined below.

Extra Special People:
[Cliché] - I've never met anyone on the net more like me. She's great, understanding and she's my twin soul. She's like the sister I never had.
[sophomoric] - ignore what he says about being an over-rated intellectual, I praise him, but I know words fall short of everything he is.
[Wilde Card]/[Fizban] - puts up with my bullshit, that in itself is a feat.
Close IRL friends:


Warning: Strong Atheist


♥Wanna Die?♥


::Sill not Dead Yet?::


Age: 22Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 22

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
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Place of living: Canada

Town: Nowhere.

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
graphicsinformation seekingmusic
videowebcamweb design


Other interests
card gamescatschasing the preferred sex
role playingslackingThe Town Herald

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 161

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