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scars of winter rain (the world wasnt quite ready 4 my kenetic esthetic)

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Name: AmberXAutopsy!!!.:"~*^*~":.your beautiful nightmare.:"~*^*~":.



this is a photograph i took that won me a photography contest ^-^
its of a bar in a town near me that i adore called New Hope, and it was empty.
i thought it was beautiful in a sense..

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Street childAdventurerTravelling bard


amberxautopsy's pictures <3

I Do Not Believe In Religion. I Believe In Science. Keep your theology off my Biology

"I am so glad you got here in time to die with me... We get to be smithereens together!!!"

AIM: AmberXAutopsy121


amber's writing
amber's poetry add me even if i dont know you =] i like friends

he would always tap this rhythm on the wall. once, i asked him what it was, and he told me : "its a rhythm that i'll never make into a song." sometimes, i catch myself tapping that same rythm on the desk in class. i'll never do it the same way he did it. he was so passionate about his music, always got so into it. when i sing, i try to find that same passion inside me. but it never shows. he was my passion, he was the hope i founf in my music. but, now that rhythm is all that remains of his unwritten song, that hopeful dream is gone, like it was never here to begin with. his crooked picture hanging on my dutifuly on my wall is what helps give me stranchth, that shadowed image of pain and loss makes me realize, i'm still alive. i'm still here. and if i cant live for myself, i'll live for him.tapping that rhythm on desk in class may help remind him i'm still here, and as long as that remains true, so are his memories. in my heart, he never left, his blood never spilled, his mother never cried, he's been here, leading me. i let him die, i let him leave, but i'll never let him go, not so long as i'm here. he'll never dissapear.


the secret society of you-know-what
The Frozen Roze Club idk
Lonely Goths Unite haha
immature people unite >< deffinately
trigun rp>><< went nowhere, interesting though, lol
Name A Colour Contest

my friendskis
(not particular order)
[Lee James]
[Something Else]♥ (we're married)
[une histoire d'amour]
[. x o x o .]
[poofmaster supreme]
[The Sadist]
[~The Drappa Varg~]
[Just Dan]
[Little Red Riding Hoodrat]
[Edward Cullen.]

i'm short
i'm not skinny
i don think i'm pretty, but other people seem to think i am
my father used to throw a 98m/h curveball and coulda made it big, but then he fucked up his shoulder
i have a habit of searching inside my friends' couches (and my own) for loose pennies
i laugh when i'm nervous
i cry when i'm pissed
i can be a bitch
i'm known for leadin people on, though i dont mean to
i hate milk, but drink it anyway
if it were up to me, invader zim would still be on tv at a reasonable hour
i can sing the pokemon theme song, and i'm proud of it
i used to be the lead singer in a band
i have a strange attraction to strange youtube videos like charlie the unicorn, cyanide and happiness and foamy the squirrel
i love people who dont love me back and never will
i like little kids shows like hamtaro and carebears because they make me feel like everythings okay
october is a shitty month for me
this year is starting out to be a crazy year
i have been in two minor car accidents in the past three weeks, both with the same person driving the same car
i hate people who lie to me
and people who talk about me behind my back
i hate fake people
i hate people who think they're great because they have enough money to buy themselves hair extensions
the word "fag" pisses me off beyond belief
i love the name gabriel
i want to have a son and name him kirkland, and two daughters named shannon and camille
i love horror, but i'm easily scared
sometimes i think i'm a lezbian[right now is not sometimes]
i say what i mean and i mean what i say (unless i'm half asleep)
i'm deathly afriad of clowns, yet i'm reading IT as we speak
i want to be a famous writer, but my ex boyfriend told me that i'm not good enough
people with egos piss me off (especially if they say that they dont have a big ego "they're just honest")
i dont trust anyone, unless i have good enough reason to believe that i can
i have read the crucible six times, yet i still got a 78% on the test for english
i actually like racing games, and i could kick your ass at them anyday (maybe, maybe not)
my favoite movies are Accross The Universe, The Secret of Nimh, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King, and my absolute favorite, Beauty and the Beast (i've written two different versions of it myself, ones 98 pages long and i'm not halfway done yet) [meet the robisons=<33333]
i cry for no reason
and of there is a reason, its always stupid
i keep in touch with people through myspace, and rarely ever talk on the phone
i recently met up with an old friend that left me in seventh grade to move in with his father [and i love him uber big much... seriously... maybe a bit too much]
i wish i was a pirate, and i randomly dress as one
i am a duct tape goddess
i love safety pins and the color purple, so they may as well make puple safety pins just for me
there are some things that are better left unsaid, in those circumstances, i say fuck it, just sat it!
i use strange punctuation, and i spell things the way i want to spell them
i pronounce things wrong and if you say creek like its spelled "crik" i will personally shove a sledge hammer up your ass
my favorite people are people i've never met
when i think about things i've done that i regret, i feel nausious
i want a job so bad, yet no job seems to want me
i change my hair often because i know i can never change who i am
i dont believe in God, but for some reason, i feel guilty to say that
i know i'm going to hell, but so are you, and so is every morose mother fucker on this planet
i fall down a lot in gym, and sometimes i take people with me
when people piss me off, i imagine ways to inflict pain on them in great deels, but never actually do anythiung about it
my grandmother's room scares the shit outta me
i highly doubt you'll read this whole thing, no one cares enough
i dont like random messages that just say "hi" they piss me off
i'm afraid of driving, because sometimes i drive myself up the wall
my sister pisses me off most of all
my fish keeps dying and coming back, i thought the other fish ate him, like, twelve times
i adore kingdom hearts in all its kingdom and hearty glory
my favorite food is tortellini with alfredo sauce
if it were up to me and i lived by n=myself, i would be a vegetarian
i'm a hippy shrouded in black
people call me emo, but i was depressed long before it was in style
i'm a piano wiz, but i dont know any songs
i can only sing when im by myself
i listen to music in the shower, and i sing along with it (loudly)
theres thig guy, right... but he's got himself a girl[now he's mine]
and theres this girl... but she doesn't know...[she knows now...]
i like taking pictures of myself, because i'm the only one who can make me look pretty in pictures
[une histoire d'amour] is my wife, mess with her and you shall suffer my wrath
hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
i dont like mondays, or your face
theres this bitch i just wanna deck out, but i know i'll get myself hurt in the process
i think i'm fat, but i love food, so i dont care anymore
out of coke and pepsi, i choose dr.pepper
i call home depot homo depot
i love gay people
i have a strange thing for emo boys, the skinny ones with the tight clothes and the hair...
i have a strange attraction to people who are musically inclined, mostly with their voice, or the guitar
i love everyone, i fyou give me a chance
i think you should come visit me in new jersey

THIS IS [une histoire d'amour] hit me up on elfpack as camycamtaro! heehee sorry ambams ^^ THIS IS MIIIINE ALL MINE!!!!! *grabs your boobs* ^_^ im her human bra... so far i have not given her any diseases..... (SHUT UP IM WORKING ON IT! ><) anyways i love her so bad she makes me wiggle with joy. oh yeah... and guess what?

( _'_ ) THATS ONE BIG CRACK!!!!!!


Chosen Band: Eightfold Boycott
1. Are you male or female: Girl Got Bones
2. Describe yourself: Just a Bag of Nothing
3. How do some people feel about you?: Fly Away, Love, Fly Away
4. How do you feel about yourself?: Hearts and Stars Are All I Got
5. Describe your family?: Fucked Over
6. Where would you rather be?: I Wish I Was Living the Big Dream
7. Describe what you want to be: The Saga of Love
8. Describe how you live: Scattered Showers
9. Describe what you love: We Were Alone
10. Describe what you hate: Hope's At a Dissadvantage

*~*sticks and stones may break my bones and tear my skin apart, but nothing hurts me more than you because you broke my heart*~*


lazy bastards

Age: 100Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 16

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-New Jersey

Town: a town so small you have to zoom in 326847 times on mapquest for the name to show up

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishFrench
JapaneseQuenya (Tolkien language)

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elfwood URL: i'm

Fanquarters URL: highway bound

Wyvern URL: for

Home-page URL: another

Weblog URL: pretty

Favorite URL: suicide

ICQ number: 666

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat
information seekingmusicPython
strategy gamesvideowebcam

adult popalternativeblues
folk musicgothgrunge
heavy metalhip hophouse
jazznew agepop
progressive metalpunkrap

Other interests
board gamesbookscard games
carscatschasing the preferred sex
cookingcrime storiesdancing
poetrypoliticsrole playing
soap operastheatretravelling

Civil status: married

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: sumo

Height: 80

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