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Dwolf (I belive the dust comes from my mind!)

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Name: Anders

Oh its me, a northen troll. I havent the best look and this photo wasent too good eather. But hey its all i got!

House in a warcraft angle, how did i take this shot. Its a secret nyah! ^^'

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To the world of weirdness and a bit of insanity compiled into a very sane mixture of vicious goo.

My name is Anders (look at my data bellow if interested), I live in a small town where the most people behave like mere drones to this weird society. All they ever do seems to be complaining, I wont be as they are or not even near what they think I am. I will try to make my life interesting and try to live it. Don’t give up and do not be disappointed of anything you do, even if people has only bad critique to come up with. Do it again and be better at it. ^___^


Humanoid DATA
Name: Anders ....
Born: 1983
Body: Little overweight, not much though.
Hair: Rat like tan colour.
Eyes: Blue
Mind: Unknown and loading!
Hobby: Airsoft
TV: Anime, always.
Books: Manga
Study: 3D Design
Favourite anime: Elfenlied
Favourite manga: Gunnm - Battle Angel Alita
Listen to: Weird music of doom


No one ever inspired me to draw under my school days, because it was something bad. So we scribbled instead, no one can live on artistic nonsense they said. I will prove them wrong, so here I am trying my best to get into an education for game design. I have easier to see and be tolerate when modelling in 3D, so that’s what I been doing. Still I love to draw, it ease up my mind on a cloudy day.



2002 - 2006, airsoft was my greatest interest. Its open minded but slight hated by the public mass. Now days I still play sometimes but it isn’t the same as it once was, mostly because of the people I guess.


Manga and anime is really important for me from the moment begin to watch and read it. Like everything else, it isn’t always good, cause it is just another style such as Hollywood’s movies. But it deserve a chance as everything else and just because its drawn and not played by actors standing there as you might be used to, it doesn’t have to be bad or not even different then the book or movie you usual read or watch. The trick is to find it.

Wolf Fans ... wolfs, my favorite animal.
Weirdoes United! ...heh how isnt a weirdo !! ^^
Inuyasha Club ... Inuyasha is a great serie watch it !! ...
Here For You Yes i am, anyone can talk to me and i will try to help. Be aware of my sense of helping might be a bit weird.

Age: 39Year of birth: 1983Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 10

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 60°32.370'N 15°25.272'E

Place of living: Sweden-Norrland

Town: Sandviken ( Gavleborg )

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: No

ICQ number: 41986041

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
web design

heavy metalprogressive metalrock

Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 180

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