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Vexed (adios, can't stay any longer ppl....)

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Name: Tykao Friesen


from left to right: Amanda, Laurie, and Myself
This was at our prom on June 3, we were all wearing red dresses in different shades and styles... that was the most fun that I had ever had in a long time...


Ok, so its not a drawing, but this is what I looked like before prom, another grad photo... this is my dad's fave pic of me so far becaue the smile is genuine... and I apparently glow... lol.... don't I just look kind, sweet, and gentle?

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Okay, so it has been a while since I was here last but I have come back.... Just because I disappear does not mean that I will not reappear some day.... But ya, about poems, my newest one is by far my favorite and I managed to get inspiration from one of my friends... It was just something cryptic that I had said and, well, he said that it sounded poetic so I tried to turn it into a poem and voila, there it is, standing perfectly infront of me.... I will let you read it so that you may think what you want of it....

Relentless Winds of Change

The pain of the passing eras
Is pressing down upon my chest
Slowly killing my breath
And wounding my heart
In its painful progress of suppression.

The years have gone by
Bringing with it a new tide of pain,
A new tide of agony
And building a tier
To honour the insane world.

I’m still suffocating in repression,
No way out and no air to breathe,
Only complete and total darkness
Consumes what is left
Of my lingering mind.

Not a light is left in this world,
Not a light is left to guide me
Through the crowded streets
Of the dead and dieing,
Through the streets of death.

The darkness weighs heavily
Upon the tattered remains
Of my lasting spirit
That is being blown apart
By the relentless winds of change.

There you go, enjoy and let me know what you think, if you dare....


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(x) Been beat up
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(x) Thought a cartoon caracter was hott..
(x) Hated someone so much i wished they were dead
(x) Sang kareokee
(x) Hit a girl
(x) cried in front of a girl
(x) cried in front of friends
(x) Cut myself (on purpose)
(x) Cut myself (on accident)
(x) Gotten stitches
( ) Met a famous person
(x) Made fun of someone i loved
(x) Been jealous of someone
( ) Broken the school dresscode
(x) Sang in front of people
(x) Danced in front of other people
( ) Witnessed a murder
(x) Been in court
(x) Fallen asleep in class
(x) Memorized the entire words to a song
(x) Been in love with someone online
( ) Bought a Hillary Duff product
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(x) Been grounded
( ) Been arested
( ) Been brought home by the police
(x) Watched a Christmas special
( ) Been in a 3way
( ) Been raped
(x) Been in the care of a drunk person
(x) Hated a family member
(x) Been depressed
(x) Thought about suicide...and the rest!
(x) Been to a professional couseling place
(x) Lied
( ) Sued someone
( ) Tripped an old person

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