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beautiful _ darkness (☆♥☆[.Hang. The. Stars. With. Me.]☆♥☆)

Member #36568 created: 2004-01-28 22:29:19Simple URL:   

Name: Fall


[Please Don't Forget The First Time We Kissed]


[The Love Of My Life That I Want To Hang The Stars With Forever]

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[My Name is Autumn]
If you want to talk to me at all message me but it may take like two months for me to get back to you
[. For. Sooner. Results.]
[Yahoo IM:] fall_angel13
Well Love Ya All
-Fall [beautiful _ darkness]

[. Bad. Tendiances. With. Pain. Killers.]

If you would like to know about me and who     I am please go to < 3Beautiful _ Darkness< 3

For More of My Photominplations


an angels photomiplations


If youd like to see me go to darkness has its beauty

Or darkness has its beauty 2

[.....or....] darkness has its beauty 3

[...or...]darkness has its beauty 4

[....Or....]darkness has its beauty 5

Arleia Inspired [...and...] Arleia Inspired edit




My pretty lion not yours so back off


Pretty Flower



. My. Own. Grasp. Of. Heaven.


  Your a great person! I hope you stay tha same as u r for a long ass time! I love you and nothin will ever change how i feel for u and i mean that! I do truly love you.. weather u believe it or not! I cant wait to meet u in person *smiles*
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