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Welcome to the Dreaming in Gears RPG! This is originally a tabletop role playing game that I am going to adapt to play here, in wiki form. I, [Avaz], will be your Gamemaster (GM).


Here is an introduction to the world:

Circa 1859, rural South Africa. A diamond miner uncovers a strange rock. In its raw form, it looks like a grey rock with ribbons of red, green, blue, and white swirling beneath the surface, seemingly of its own accord. Cutting into the rock does not reveal the underlying ribbons. There is something special, almost magical, about this find, dubbed Element X.

Circa 1865, London. After five years of heavy experimentation, scientists discover that passing an electric current through a pressurized steam chamber containing a small chunk of rock makes various color ribbons appear on the surface of the rock. Four specific volts make each of the four ribbons come to the surface of the rock. In other words, each of the rock’s colors reacts independently to each specific voltage. They find upon further testing that each of those four volts creates a field of subtle atmospheric energy around the rock, with interesting results apiece. Each swirling ribbon, it turns out, corresponds to each of the four natural elements (fire, air, water, earth) thus earning its name Elementium.

While engines and other steam-powered things are already growing popular, Elementium in effect brings upon the Industrial Revolution “before its time.” Direct engineering and scientific implementation of the rock’s abilities produce a number of products that make mundane tasks simpler. The most common of these products is known as the “Magic Box”: a portable device whose power source is carried on one’s back, whereby power is directed to a glove’s fingertips acting as the output mechanism. A layperson (commonly not understanding its technology) was convinced the produced results could be nothing other than magic, hence its name.

Meanwhile, these devices were growing so popular within the military and construction industries that entire corporations sprang up with the singular purpose of mining and selling Elementium. However, despite the relative abundance of the rock, the process of extraction still remains somewhat difficult; meaning only large companies and wealthy collectors could afford it at all, with the world governments primarily churning out products that utilize this power.

The largest conglomeration of companies that now owns and operates several of the prime Elementium mines around the world is The Bengal Corporation. In addition to their own supply, they purchase bulk quantities of the rock from competing firms. They actively seek to monopolize the industry and pay untold sums of money to reacquire the stores of Elementium from private collectors around the globe. Those that resist or refuse have been reported missing. Documents are leaked stating Bengal Corp’s intentions to fix global Elementium prices. When asked, company spokespeople claim the documents are doctored to smear their good reputation as “the world leader in life enrichment through the safe and efficient use of groundbreaking technology.” As proof, they point out that “no employee by that name even works at this organization.” Coincidence?

Circa 1866, New York City. Rumor spreads of a covert resistance party that plans to bring down Bengal Corp., though it is unclear how. Word has it that Antonio DePlesbin is spearheading the group, though no one knows who he is. People assume he does not use his real name. After two decades, rumors reach a fever pitch and travels around the world, though no one ever claims membership.

March, 1888, any city. The game campaign begins. Will you be a vigilante looking to join the resistance? Or will you try to get into the good graces of The Bengal Corporation in an effort to clear their name? Will you try to engineer better uses of Elementium? Just about anything goes.

Playing the Game

Please take some time to read over the ruleset; It is a little over 50 pages long and doesn't include a character sheet or sample adventures. Thankfully, for this wiki game, we'll not need either of those. :)
Ruleset -

Dreaming in Gears - You are here.

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2012-03-14 [Avaz]: Plain? Really? I felt it conveyed more of a Victorian-industrial vibe. *shrug*

Maybe if I add a stroke or something to make it pop more. I'll look into it. Granted, it looks better on a white background than a green one, so there's that.

Also, why shouldn't I take out the snark? I thought it wasn't fitting with the theme of the game. Sure it would be fun to leave it in if only my friends were gonna see it, but I gotta think about those dozens (hundreds?) of intertubes people who will be eventually reading it when I release it.

2012-03-14 [Lord Josmar]: I think the little snark and humor gave it a little character. But like you said, some people who read it may not take it well. In the end it is your creation so you do what you feel is best for it.

2012-03-14 [Avaz]: I agree. But that was back when I wasn't taking it as seriously as I am now.
Instead of a boring, dry introduction, I made it this:

Besides, I'm adding a ton of new stuff, it's gonna be awesome (I hope).

2012-03-14 [Lord Josmar]: I hope too. I like the beginning thingy.

2012-05-29 [All_Most PUNK]: Are you people playing this?

2012-05-29 [Avaz]: Yes we are.

2012-05-29 [All_Most PUNK]: Good, good, jolly good.

2012-05-29 [Avaz]: Did you want to join in on the action, Pubky?

2012-05-29 [All_Most PUNK]: How does the action go? My original intention was to play, then I... was away... when it started.

2012-05-29 [Avaz]: You can read through the first adventure, the sky is falling, and decide for yourself.

2012-06-07 [Avaz]: Put up the updated logo. Didn't care enough to remove the white background. :)

2012-06-07 [Koho Ai]: Hey, are you perhaps looking for members?
I've already read through the Adventure and the Rulebook and was interested.

2012-06-07 [Avaz]: Yeah, I think we can fit you in. Message me any ideas for a character you might have and we'll take it from there. :)

2012-07-17 [Avaz]: Rulebook BETA is UP!

(The cosmetic stuff like images are still missing, and so are the sample adventures, but it's all written.)

2012-07-17 [Koho Ai]: Is anybody else having problems accessing the beta version on internet explorer?

2012-07-18 [Avaz]: It's a 4mb file, are you sure it's not just taking a while to load?

2012-07-18 [Koho Ai]: I'll shall try again

2012-07-18 [Lord Josmar]: FYI: I found a typo in the Boons list in the leveling up chapter. Pg 45 the short description for Adrenaline Rush, Strength his misspelled.

2012-07-19 [Avaz]: Cool, thanks. I expect there to be more. ;)

2012-09-27 [Avaz]: Hey gang! I know things have slowed down here a bit, and that's okay. But I wanted to let everyone know (if you haven't seen it somewhere else yet) that the Core Rulebook is finally done and released!

It's still beta though, so I'm sure there will be some changes before it goes to Final... not the least of which would be typos, or some broken mechanic that I've overlooked. :D Enjoy!

2012-09-28 [Earoluim]: AWESOME!

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