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2 July 2004


"Angel and Krow" by [empty_] (nominated by [cerasly]

This gorgeous picture, done expertly by [empty_], was an art trade with fellow Elftowner [cerasly] of two of the latter's characters. Protective, pink-haired Angel holds the more submissive, green-haired Krow close, in an array of soft colours that seem appropriate to the scene. The "washed out colours," as [empty_] put it, were intended to give the image a glowing, dream-like quality, aided along by the blurred edges. I think the effect is well done. It's simple, mostly due to a new tablet, but that doesn't take away from it; its simplicity might even add to its charm, as is the case with many images. The thing that really draws me to it is the eyes of both boys, how they stare directly at you, with a slight disturbance in their delicate lips as if you're interupting a particularly intimate moment. But you can't help but look, can you?

Congratulations, [empty_], and keep up the good work!

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