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I'm trying to rent out a room in my flat, so I took some pictures.
The room I want to rent out.

120cm wide bed, couch, brand new desk, as many chairs as wanted, 3 wardrobes, 3 small cupboards, shelves, drawers (on the other wall), 3 table lamps, and extra beds for guests are included.
And a map of Sweden on the door.

Electricity and 100 Mbit Internet is included in the rent, 2300 kr per month.
The bathroom with bathtub.
The kitchen. Except for cooking, I never use unless I have guest as I eat in front of the computer. So it's free for "fika", preparties or playing games with a bunch of friends.
Dishing machine, water boiler, coffee machine, a micro oven and anything you can expect in a kitchen is there.
The hallway. A guest is here now, so her stuff is laying around :P
My room and the balcony. It has morning sun only (facing east) so it's pretty useless unless it's very warm.
Lilo - My 14 year old female cat.

/ [Hedda]

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