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2013-05-25 12:38:55
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The burning of cars, stuff and general arson is spreading through Sweden. This is from Ryd, Linköping.

The garbage recycle house close to Alsättersgatan 7, Rydsvägen 246 was burnt down by hooligans on Friday night 2013-05-24. — with Alsättersgatan 7 and Rydsvägen 246.

Alsättersgatan 7 to the left, Rydsvägen 246 to the right.
Rydsvägen 246 to the right.
Apparently the only thing that survived was the big paper stacks.

/ [Hedda]

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2013-06-11 [Sunrose]: How odd! @ last picture

2013-06-11 [Hedda]: Not really. The stacks of paper are too dense so oxygen and heat can't really get into them especially if they are a little wet.

They should build the garbage houses of the same material... We've had 5-7 of them burning just in this suburb :(

2013-06-12 [Sunrose]: Today I just got a little smarter ;P

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