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14 March 2005


"Sitting Pretty" Brought to you by: [Hummingbird] (artist) and [the Indigo] (nominator)
This lovely drawing, done completely by hand and taking almost six hours, is the perfect depiction of just what can be done with a little perseverence and a few colored pencils. Many artists of late tend towards digital colorization, but this one in particular keeps to the original ways, and has seemingly mastered them with lovely shades and tones that show realistic fur, which is, admittedly, very hard to depict. The positioning of the fox is almost can't tell if she is "Sitting Pretty" or ready to attack...Great job and keep up the good work!!

Congratulations [liiga]!!!
--[Rennie] and [Yuriona]--
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2009-11-27 [Ody]: wow that's pretty good!

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