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Little Red - Absolution

by [Pnelma Tirian], featured 20th September 2010
Nominator: [Easterling]

Little Red or Absolution is only a tiny example of [Pnelma Tirian]'s grasp of the surreal, scary and powerful. A bizarre take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood, Pnelma has tried to "tell the same story a little differently, as if it were told by the denizens of Monster Masque." This is an intense and slightly disturbing take on the fairy tale, but nonetheless amazing.

-- Image Bosses [Kaimee], [Chimes], [Kyrinn], [Nioniel] and [Flisky]

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2010-09-24 [AppleJuice Bandit]: I'm confused as to why little red riding hood is deteriorating into rocks or they look like tears?

2010-09-25 [Pnelma Tirian]: Oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness! What an awesome surprise! Thank you so much!!!

AppleJuice, it's because in one of the stories the hunter cuts open the wolf's belly and once he takes out red riding hood and her grandmother he fills its belly with large stones and throws it into the river. I wanted to have them falling out of red riding hood as if she was forgiving him.

2010-09-25 [Kaimee]: I really love how much thought went into that - very cool (and scary) approach...

2010-10-18 [The Dizzy Raven]: Very cool! :)

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