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This member's house may contain artistic nudity. Do not look if you are offended by such things and do not bother the Guards about it.

Good-bye K. Thank you for being you and sharing so many amazing times with all of us. Rest in peace.

Kyrinn (<img:img/mood/20610_1165415399.gif> well, look at me, Im in Elftown!)

Member #21402 created: 2003-09-22 02:10:49Simple URL:   

Name: Kat to my friends, or K even. Boogie is what my mother calls me. :3

Taken from a hiking trail about 50 miles from home. Near the local hot spring too! 

Shyl, drawn in his possessed form. I still love this one..

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Come on in, have a seat. 
Just dont mind the creepy innkeeper
leering at you from the bar.

(My house is a bit of a random jumble, I apologize. Bear with me please, Im terrible at making this thing presentable...)


You have arrived in the house of Kyrinn. All are welcome, so long as you behave yourself. :D

All artwork in this house, unless otherwise noted, was created by me. 
So, do not steal it, because it is mine. 
Please visit my Galleries listed below if you want to see more,
I welcome visitors and commentary. 
But please, be nice.

I work from home renting storage units and uhaul trucks in the second largest city in Alaska. It can be boring but I will never do anything else. I am 30 seconds from work and I have a lot of time to work on my art and music. Winter here can be a bit maddening but so long as I have something to do, Im fine. However, know that Im not here for cybering, and I dont need an internet boyfriend. I am happily married to [Yr Wogg] and that wont be changing any time soon.

- I play several instruments: my main instrument is viola, and I have
purchased a violin which I use to play Irish Fiddle once a month and in
the summer. Though I am classically trained and have a degree in Music,
I have put that on the side lines for personal reasons.
- I love PINK. So sue me.
- I am a night owl even though I fall asleep at 10 every damn night.
- I suck at Halo but kick serious ass on Mario Kart. RAWR.
- I live in the land of weirdos. Also known as Fairbanks, Alaska.
- I have a little boy with Diabetes type 1.
- is an 'out of the closet' Star Wars freak and wants to renew her marriage vows
in true Star Wars maniac fashion. Got the long hair to do it too!! :B
Crappy writer and utterly laughable storyline with sparkly vampires. 
NO, vampires do NOT sparkle!!


Please have a look: 

Darth Superfluous

Still in its start-up phase but proving to be fun.
Star Wars lovers welcome!XD

And one from the world of Ajia:

Ajia Tales

Set in my own universe, its how Mai came to meet Shyl,
long before she became a demon hunter and his best apprentice.
If it doesnt let you view it please let me know.


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I am one of the members of the council.

Feel free to ask me questions about Elftown and I will see I can help out. 
But please, dont ask me for badges, because I dont just give them out.

See any artwork you Like?

Nominate a picture!

We are always happy to see new art to be considered for
the Featured Art on mainstreet.
Just follow the rules. ^_^


Seems the apple doesnt fall far from the tree... Yes, my boy is an artist! *beams*


I love to create characters with good story lines. I have many characters, but a handful of favorites. Just because Im over thirty doesnt mean I cant have a little fun like that! One thing I do not understand is power gamers who have to make the rping hell for everyone else because they dont get their way.

I am off and on with tabletop gaming systems such as Anima, Mhar, Earthdawn, Pathfinder, and D and D, but because of people needing to be power hungry asses who dont play well with others, Im mostly OFF with it. Its very frustrating because I LOVE gaming with friends. Just of late the ones Im gaming with are only interested in hitting things once and winning or in world domination while stepping on others to get there. Seriously, its a game meant to be FUN and story driven, not just a way for someone to feel MANLY about themselves or for someone to be stupid mean period. 

Please, if you are curious about Diabetes Type 1, contact me and we can talk. Since my son was diagnosed with it at the age of 3, Ive had to fend off a lot of criticism from people who do not understand this condition and think that it was something I did to make him that way. It wasnt mounds of junk food or inactivity that gave my boy diabetes, it was the wonder of genetics that did it. Unlike Type 2 Diabetes, type 1 is life long and will not go away if he eats better or loses weight. The only way he will be cured is if they finally find a way to reverse the condition and make his little lazy pancreas work again. For now, he has an insulin pump that is as much a part of him as his brown eyes. I hope some day for a cure for his condition as well.

I am a cancer survivor. I make light of my struggle with this annoying affliction but I wont let it kick my ass. In fact, I will kick ITS ass! Feel free to approach me with questions or comments, I welcome them.


My Own RPGs

Book of Ajia
My first ET RPG. *hugs it*
Not available for viewing, ask if interested.

The Lost Kingdoms
Basically part 2 to the Book of Ajiaand currently finished.. 

I dislike internet drama llamas. You know them, they are the ones who take the internet way too seriously. There are many varying levels of drama llamas and I think Ive encountered them all. And it never ceases to amaze me how many times Ive been stupified by yet another clueless person and their need to blow something tiny waay out of proportion. Seriously, look outside and realise there is a real world out there with far more important things to focus on rather than if someone is stepping on your internet reputation. I am of the firm belief they need to teach proper internet ettiquette in schools today. 

other things bug me too. Like.. Mosquitos and having to get up for work and not getting my Muses to draw what I want them too. But MEH. :P lol


Kyrinn's Botanicals --> Some of the work I did as a Botanical Illustrator. Come look!
Kyrinn's RP Character Art Contest --> No set deadline as of yet.
Kyrinn's art --> Come and visit my tiny ET gallery sponsered by Art ((sponsered by Tena)) ^^
and my SPADNAA Gallery 2
My other tiny gallery of nudes. They are tasteful, but be warned, there be nude bodies there. *^^*

Pictures for Kyrinn --> You will find here pictures that others have drawn for me, as well as a few other things. Go look, the art is tremendous!


Thank you for visiting my house, and I hope to see you again. *grin*

Age: 42Year of birth: 1970Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 5

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 64°48.996'N 147°51.996'W

Place of living: USA-Alaska

Town: Fairbanks

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishQuenya (Tolkien language)

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: Yes

Wyvern URL: I have one, but ask for the address if interested..

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests

heavy metalnew ageopera

Other interests
poetryrole playingscifi

Civil status: married

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 152

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