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2007-12-22 18:15:44
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although it is almost empty, it is mine


<img400*0:stuff/P1000069c72aldalome.JPG> <img400*0:stuff/P1000478c72aldalome.JPG>

<img400*0:stuff/P1000514c72aldalome.JPG> <img400*0:stuff/P1000525c72aldalome.JPG>


<img400*0:stuff/P1000143c72aldalome.JPG> <img400*0:stuff/P1000145c72aldalome.JPG>same in sepia

<img400*0:stuff/P1000169c72aldalome.JPG> <img400*0:stuff/P1000181c72aldalome.JPG>


<img400*0:stuff/Boomc72Aldalome.jpg> <img400*0:stuff/P1000468c72aldalome.JPG>

<img400*0:stuff/P1000504c72aldalome.JPG> <img400*0:stuff/P1000509c72aldalome.JPG>
<img400*0:stuff/P1000429c72aldalome.JPG> <img400*0:stuff/P1000490c72aldalome.JPG>

<img400*0:stuff/P1000494c72aldalome.JPG> <img400*0:stuff/P1000506c72aldalome.JPG>

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2007-12-22 [iippo]: Nice work. I especially like the last two... You have a good eye for pattern. :)

2007-12-22 [Aldalome]: Thank you for the comment, I'm just trying out stuff for the moment, since I just recently got hold of a camera. Sometimes it works out, often it doesn't. But still, thanks a lot for the comment :)

2007-12-22 [iippo]: Heh, yeah. I think that's even how the professionals do it: take five thousand photos, one or two has got to be masterpieces :P It's even better with digital cameras, because you're not wasting film.

2007-12-22 [Aldalome]: yes that's true, if I'd had to print every picture not only would the film we wasted, but it would cost me a fortune.

2007-12-23 gert: kvind die middelste foto (dien boom alleen in de mistige, vorstige omgeving) de schoonste ^^ en die met de ganzen natuurlijk :d

2007-12-23 brechtje: Ja bon, Ik weet begot de opdracht wel niet, maar als het was "maak foto's van de natuur", zijn deze best wel geslaagd. Zeker die foto's op het einde in een (voor onze streken vrij zeldzaam) sneeuwtapijt kunnen me wel bekoren.

2007-12-24 [Maeve104]: ooh, beautiful. I love snow pictures. The distracting stuff goes away and you get almost two-toned pictures. yay!

2007-12-28 [..What dreams may come..]: WAUW!!! ze zijn echt te gek!! :D je maakt echt super foto's! geen wonder dat je aan wedstrijden meedoet zo hoort het! :)

2007-12-28 Lady_nel: Hoi, mooie foto's. Vooral die met die paddestoelen vind ik mooi...

2007-12-30 [speakyourwords]: I love these!

2007-12-31 [Chetleon]: I like the second from the top. But then again I just like the way the ocean seems, serene?

2008-01-04 [Galatea]: Gorgeous photography! I wouldn't mind having a few of these as prints. Keep up the great work!

2008-01-05 [Corazie]: Fab stuff =] A few a wee bit overexposed, but they're fab =]

2008-01-07 [xenocentric]: Very good work!!!

2008-02-03 [lovexandxwar]: The frost on the pine needles is neat.
Do you use a 35 mm camera?

2008-06-01 Argulas: Like iippo said, You have a good eye for pattern!
Very nice!

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