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Art Contests

Moderated by the Art Contest Crew

When adding a contest, put it in the following format:

Contest Link by <Creator's Name> - <Current Status> (Deadline: <date>/Vote in <poll link>/Winner(s): <names>/etc.)

You're responsible for your own contest. Poorly maintained or unpopular contests may moved to Contests on Hold.

Explanation and building tips can be found in the Contest Guidelines

Finished contests can be found at Closed Contests

Open Contests:

-Fables & FairyTales Contest Revisited - Deadline 10 entries

-Fantasy Families contest - Deadline 25 entires

-Creatures of Myth - Deadline 30 entires

-...Now That's English! - Deadline to be set

-Dragons Club Art Contest - Deadline to be set

-A Poet's Vision - Deadline 8th August 2011

-Holiday Cheer Greetings Contest - Deadline Nov. 30, 2011

In Voting:

-Elves in Drag

-Stargate Fanart Contest

-GLU!'s 300+ Badge Contest

-Crayon contest

-DC Art Contest

-Starwars Art Contest

-Couples Contest

-A Kyo drawing contest!!!

-Coralune Contest: Sylt and Ahn

-Show Me Your Undies!

Other important pages!
-Official Elftown Competitions
-MC - Mainstreet Contest Deadlines
-Contest Guidelines
-Past Contests
-Writing Contests
-Photo Contests
-Contests by Linderel

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2010-01-10 [SilverFire]: Welcome back. :)

2010-01-10 [Kuehne]: ty

2010-01-10 [Kuehne]: Things seem to have slowed down a good bit here.. or perhaps i'm not looking in the right place. Is there a place that seems to be more "current" on ET?

2010-01-10 [SilverFire]: For art contests? There's Competitions for official art contests, but there isn't really an active index for member-run contests at the moment.

2010-01-11 [Kuehne]: thanks for the info

2010-01-12 [Kaimee]: There don't seem to be so many active member-run contests anymore :( Unless I'm just missing them? Without an up to date index it's hard to tell...

2010-01-12 [SilverFire]: There aren't as many, but those that are running them don't bother to use this index any more. Which makes their contests even harder to find. But then, they probably get put off using this page because it's so out of date.

2010-01-26 [Kaimee]: Hmm, maybe if this page were zapped to empty, contest runners contacted and contests only added fresh...? That could work. I remember getting sick of entering contests that the owner disappeared on, or never closed, or never voted on... and some of the contests up now are the same from waaaay back then, so it really might be time to just kill them all :P

2010-01-26 [Kuehne]: *whew!* I'm glad I came back. I'd hate to be killed at the hands of [Kaimee] for having old contests. BTW... I have a new one up Josephina Book Cover

2010-02-07 [Kaimee]: *nods* I am very scary, it's understandable :P

2010-02-16 [Kuehne]: Ok.. so I started a wiki that's really more of a reference site for artists to contribute to and less of a contest. Pygmalion's Creation But where should i advertise it?

2010-09-07 [kittykittykitty]: Currently cleaning up the abandoned contests... phew. Lots of stuff to vote on.. vote early, vote often, so we can get these contests finished up :)

2010-09-07 [Kaimee]: It's great to see someone taking care of this place! :D

2011-05-02 [Danboo]: indeed

2011-06-23 [Dark Wizard]: is this still alive?

2011-06-23 [Chimes]: Yep. I think so. :)

2011-06-24 [Dark Wizard]: well... whats the next contest? I'm back and ready to do some work!

2011-06-24 [Chimes]: These are unofficial contests, so you'd have to ask the owners. Buuut, if you look in the 'open conests' section there are some contests waiting for entries. :)

2011-07-21 [Viking]: Do any of yous know if there has ever been a 'map of a fantasy world' contest?

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