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Writing Contests

Page maintained by [Linderel].

Before doing ANYTHING at all in order to create a new contest, please see the Contest Guidelines.

If you see a contest in the wrong section, please move it to the correct one. Also, once having listed your own contest on this page, please try and remember to keep it up to date.

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Art Contests
Photo Contests

Idea Storage
Writer's Companion

Judges For Hire

Past Writing Contests

Winner announced

Harry Potter 7 Contest

by [Saffron] - Winner [Flisky]

Writing For Comics Contest

by [deeterhi] - Winners on page.


by [Linderel] - Winners on page.

Pick a Prompt 2 Writing Section

by [Linderel] - Winners on page.

The Elftown Limerick Competition

Winners on page.

Closed & voting

100 word question contest

by [the 5th apocalyptic horseman] - <poll:41440>

Nocturnal Poetry Contest

by [daydreamer] - Vote in <poll:63174>

Happy Birthday! Motto Contest

by [Sunny Silverunicorn] - Voting on at the wiki

Sci-Fi Writing Contest

by [The Dizzy Raven] - Judging started

Fantasy Writing Contest

by [The Dizzy Raven] - Judging to commence

Official Elftown contests

Elftown Prose Contest

Deadline 15th August 2011

Deadline set - Please maintain the chronology!

Deadline based on #contestants

Trochaic Poetry Contest

by [Linderel] - Ends at 15 entries.

Halfling Diary Contest

by [Hobbit teen] - Ends at 5 Entries.

Harry Potter Fan Fiction Contest 2

by [+♥+SAFFY+♥+] - 5 entries

Deadline not set

The Cake Contest

by [Carol Lynn]

Finish This Story Contest

by [dayah]

Christian Poem Contest

by [The Dizzy Raven]

Shattered Painting

by [Captain Rachel Black]

Write Me a Story

by [Chimes]

Perpetual contests

Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena

Preaching Poetry

by [Rice]

Short Story Duelists

Abandoned & free to take over

Contests in other languages

der deutsche contest

maintained by [death disguised in purple] - GERMAN writing contests

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2009-04-24 [Linderel]: I will be updating this page over the next few days.

2009-04-25 [Kaimee]: Excellent :)

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: Not sure if anyone is interested, but a few of the writing contests on are starting to get active again :)
</spam> :P

2011-03-10 [Linderel]: Oh, there's life there? :o

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: Few and far between, but enough to have actual entries in contests :D

2011-03-10 [Linderel]: Myeah. I just logged in for the first time in... uh... over a year.

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: Ha xD Well, can't blame you, nothing happened in over a year xD

2011-03-10 [Linderel]: I actually kind of forgot the place even existed <_<;;

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: too, and Hedda gave me boss privs so that's slightly more embarrassing xD

I wonder how many old members out there never realised that the heddate version got restored? :/ The url doesn't even work anymore...

2011-03-10 [Linderel]: Can't know. And even if they realised, life always happens.

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: Yes it certainly does x) Oh well, we can aim for a new crop of people, I sure do miss those contests.

2011-03-18 [kians mummy]: question: der deutsche contest is that free to take over

2011-03-18 [Linderel]: Since the maintainer hasn't been seen in years, I would say that it is. As long as it's done by someone who's actually fluent in German.

2011-03-18 [kians mummy]: hallo nett, Sie, meine Namen sammie zu treffen

2011-03-18 [kians mummy]: Seitdem der maintainer in Jahren nicht gesehen worden ist, würde ich sagen, dass es ist. Solange es von jemandem getan wird, der auf Deutsch wirklich fließend ist..

this is what you just said in german

2011-04-20 [SilverFire]: Hello nice, you, my name is Sammie to meet? It makes no sense, and some of your genders are wrong. The words are all there, but in the wrong order. X_X You need to rearrange it: Hallo, mein Name ist Sammie (alternative. Ich heisse Sammie), Nett Sie zu treffen. :)

Seitdem isn't great - Weil is better. The second sentence is okay, though. :)

2011-04-20 [kians mummy]: thats the way i learnt it in german though

2011-04-20 [SilverFire]: Uhm... then your German teacher wasn't too good? X)

2011-04-20 [kians mummy]: lol

2012-12-26 [stefani_m]: Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! How can I submit my poem for the Christmas contest? Thank you in advance!

2012-12-26 [Mortified Penguin]: You'll want to head over to Christmas Poetry 12, page 1 to submit it.

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