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Greetings Everyone!

I am not a person that really likes to talk all that much about myself. But... sometimes, it can be a good
thing to let others know a little about us, what we think, how we think, and so on and so forth. This
page is meant to be for the most part, a page about me with some of my thoughts and opinions thrown
in. I do not expect agreement or disagreement. My thoughts and my opinions are mine and mine alone
and I have every right to them, just as, everyone else has the right to their opinions.

First and foremost, I am a Christian. I love my God! By no means do I expect all people to be or do
I only interact with "just Christians", however, for I try to respect everyone's faiths and beliefs, cultures
and customs, and as well, their sexual orientation. It is our diversity that gives life flavor. It is not my
job to judge. I leave this in the most capable hands of the Lord.

I am spoken for, not owned, so I still like to flirt occasionally. But, I'm still difficult to impress and the
more one tries, the least likely they will. Usually a person that doesn't try to impress me, that presents
themselves genuinely, is what will impress me the most. I detest fakes, those that crave ego stroking,
and those that want to possess and control. I believe that falling and being in love should be a freeing
of one's innermost desires, thoughts, and passions, NOT A PRISON. I admire intelligence, a wholesome
heart, and a person of principle with a good moral compass. I expect respect, honesty, and my privacy
kept, therefore trust.

I am a Mom and it is one of the greatest honours and privileges that has ever been bestowed on
me. I'm a naturally born artist and a writer, especially in the genre for children. I do enjoy making new
friends. I've spent much of my life helping and doing things for children and homeless, neglected, and
abused animals, an active pet rescue person for many years. I am also a musician, mainly a keyboard

I am also a photographer, but I don't usually mention this, because I haven't taken photos in a long
time. I have a great camera that takes really awesome photos, but it's a 35mm, complete with several
lenses. The trend now however, is using a digital, which I just received for Christmas, 2010. I just have
to learn how to operate it, but I will for it will work well in combination with my digital artwork.

My hero is my Mom, plain and simple. There is no one else in my life or ever could be in my life that
even could come close to my beloved Mother! My unconditional love belongs with my daughter. There is
no end to the love I have for her! I love with all I have and all I am. I cherish my friends, each and every
one! I do not choose my friends or ultimately a person I fall in love with, in accordance to what others
like or dislike or in regards to their social status.

I believe wholeheartedly in principle for a person that has no principle, will compromise to benefit
themselves at the expense of another. If I give a person my word that I will keep what they tell me in
confidence, you can bet I will. It makes NO difference who the inquiring party is that wants to know.

I believe that things in life should be earned, not merely given. Anything earned is thought more
highly of and cherished than anything just given. This includes the love and respect of another. When I
choose to love and support someone and/or something, it is all or nothing.

I detest pornography! As far as I'm concerned, those who put themselves out there for ALL to see,
indecently, must not have very much respect for themselves and if there is no respect for themselves,
how can they respect anyone else or expect respect from others? I believe there is a time and place for
everything, but not everything belongs in every time and every place. Besides, if one puts everything
they have out there for ALL to see, what do they have left for that special person in their life? The one
thing no one will ever see, is a nude photo of me of any part of my private areas. NEVER! If this makes
me a prude, then I'm a very 'PROUD PRUDE'! I do wonder if the moral compass of this world has been
lost forever. Besides, the only place I like to be in regards to a camera, is behind it, not in front of it.

I am a very basic person. I don't aspire to own expensive anything. Fancy, frilly, luxurious, exotic, etc.,
are not my cup o' tea. Simplistic, practical, logical, etc., are more my style. But... for the person I love,
there is nothing too good for him.

I also know what good and honest hard work is. I know what it is to work a farm life, for instance,
from sun to sun, rain or shine, winter or summer. I know what it's like to work your butt off 24-7, 365
days a year with no vacations and what it's like to rise at between 5:00 to 6:00 a.m. and work without
stopping before finally callapsing at 22:00, 23:00, or even midnight and to have to do this day in, day
out. So, when I say I know what REAL work is? I do!

To see more about me, look over the links listed below that will take you to my various creative
fields and to places here. I have given much, MUCH to this site, poured my heart and soul into this site,
and I felt a great amount of pleasure from doing so. I do believe still, this site has not reached its full
potential, but shall one day.


A bit more about [Artsieladie]:

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May God Bless You and Have a Great Day!

May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

<i>By [Artsieladie]

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