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An Elftown Fantasy Wiki!




I am only mentioning via this wiki all of what I have done for Elftown, for [Hedda], because what I have done
here on/for Elftown, has been thrown back at me in spades, as though all that I have done here is something
that is despicable, which it IS NOT, but is commendable. ..And if ANYONE here has a problem with my showing
ALL that I've done here for this site, well, that's too damn bad! I have put my heart and soul into this site, only
to be and get totally ostracised for doing so and.. led by the ringleader himself, [Hedda], all so he could keep his
damn secret activities a secret at my expense.

Suggestion: If you don't like seeing it or reading it, then leave. I am NOT forcing anyone to be here on this wiki. I
will be damned if I'm going to mope around this site any longer, feeling like "I" should be the one feeling ashamed.

The one that REALLY ought to be ashamed is none other than the owner of this site! If he so chooses to remain
complacent about his MAJOR role in what has transpired here in regards to what happened with and to me, then
at some point I will have been patient enough with him, waiting and hoping HE would do the right thing. Then
"I" will be telling and SHOWING all of his secret activities. However, if he chooses to do the honourable thing and
admit his instigation and promotion of what transpired here in regards to yours truly, he will have earned "back"
my respect then.


I have NEVER been or felt ashamed of mentioning OR belonging to this site; </i>
<i>not even now; not once! In fact I always BRAGGED about and promoted this </i>
<i>site in every possible way I could think of using my name, associated with my </i>
<i>creativity, only to have both ultimately defiled by the owner!

Anyone that feels ashamed on either count, shouldn't even be here then.


Artsieladie's Contributions' Index:

<img:> ~ Artsieladie-Contest_Building
<img:> ~ Artsieladie-Donor_Of_Art
<img:> ~ Artsieladie-Donor_Of_Funds
<img:> ~ Artsieladie-Donor_Of_Photos
<img:> ~ Artsieladie-Donor_Of_Poetry
<img:> ~ Artsieladie-Donor_Of_Writing
<img:> ~ Artsieladie-For_The_Community
<img:> ~ Artsieladie-Graphics_Creator
<img:> ~ Artsieladie-Other_Contributions
<img:> ~ Artsieladie-Poll_Creator
<img:> ~ Artsieladie-Promoting_Elftown
<img:> ~ Artsieladie-Wikipage_Building
Contests created.
Art contests/activities submitted to/for.
Monetary donations made and for.
Photo contests/activities submitted to/for.
Poetry contests/activities submitted to/for.
Prose contests/activities submitted to/for.
Concepts and projects for the community.
Graphics made and submitted to/for.
Other ways contributed.
Polls created.
Elftown: promotional concepts/projects for.
The MANY wiki-pages built and faffed.

If I think of more ways or categories, I'll add them.

How I proceed with my "thanks from Elftown" wiki-page, will depend on what transpires in the very near future:


As can be seen if one reviews the contributions I have made to this site, I have made an immense amount
of contribution and definitely is nothing to sneeze at nor is it in any way, shape, or form, something that one
deserves to be ostracised for, especially when the contributing party did and has done NOTHING WRONG.
Most normal thinking people would see it as something to be highly commended for. But here? Things work
a bit backwards. The more you do, the more you care, the more you get crapped on and criticised for. Instead
your efforts are inverted to mean being obsessive, flip-flop, and in any other way possible to make what you
have done into something derogatory as opposed to being something not just good, but of the caliber above
and beyond what most would consider doing even a fraction of. So for this, I was marked to pay and to pay
dearly, but it was the big boss here that should have known enough to put an end to this. Not only did he
not, he instigated defacing me, joined in on its resulting repercussions, and used the situation as a golden
opportunity to more easily obtain the help of others to ultimately make me the scapegoat for keeping his own
"secret activities", not only left unsuspected or even questioned, but cleverly created an ironclad means to
keep all suspicions and questions focused on me, the innocent party, and away from himself!

I didn't pour my heart and soul into this site to be rewarded as I have been and oh soooooo wonderfully,
nor did I do it for any kind of martyrdom or any special recognition. I did so because I love this site, believed
in the role this site played for many people, and I believed in all the potential it once held. I do not and I did
not expect nor want any recognition that I had not/have not earned, no more, no less than others receiving
the recognition they have earned. However, when I placed what I have contributed, what I have done here
on MY OWN PRIVATE PAGE, I was mocked, belittled, and harassed for this. I sent out NO wiki invitations to
MY PAGE and I certainly dragged NO ONE 'to' MY PAGE against their will, but yet, "I" was the one that was
seen as "creating an issue", as being the troublemaker. Meanwhile, the big boss watched, looked on, as I
was harassed by two people in high positions here without saying boo. Then later on, came onto the page
to join in on the fun-making of me.

I do not mention what I've done here to brag or to boast. I do so because I am proud of the fact that I have
contributed to something I so strongly believed in and I still.. STILL do, because I'm an idiot and a glutton for
punishment I guess. But actually not. I do so because I still do believe as I have in the past and I do still
believe that the person whom has so callously dogged me, has an ounce of decency in him yet, a spec of a
conscience at least.

Never, NEVER, have I EVER been ashamed to say that I am a member of Elftown. If I bragged about anything,
I bragged about being a member of a community I upheld, adored, and very much supported and promoted
and I have promoted this site by using my own name everywhere I possibly could. Then to have it so callously
and carelessly defaced by the one whose sites, yes SITES, I have been promoting, was just another ROYAL
SLAP IN MY FACE! ..And then to find out that it is HE that has been so methodically and calculatingly smearing
my name to protect his own neck, is a damn bit much to swallow. Then add being expected to accept being
talked down to and deliberately on his part insulted, even using my own daughter to intentionally hurt me
some more, is unconscionable!

As if this wasn't quite enough, he also sent a very nasty 'smear' email to a best friend of mine, which he
CANNOT deny at all, atrociously putting me down and I'm guessing in hopes he could succeed at turning Hans
against me too, but apparently his memory is failing him, because the very person he attempted to trash me
to, IS the very same person that has witnessed some VERY interesting happenings, particularly one where he
denies doing something and managed to get another person to say they did it instead. So, his intended
mission backfired and instead of getting Hans to buy what he was selling that I was nothing but crazy and a
liar, etc., he actually just proved to Hans just how crazy, a liar, etc. he is. Not only was his mission averted
obtaining the opposite effect he intended, but he made himself look like a complete ass, while incriminating
himself all at the same time.

Anyone in their right mind or in possession of any mind at all, surely knows better than to chew off the hand
that feeds them; knows better than to ostracise a person that was so willing to spend the amount of time I
did here. Also, if that willing person does everything in their power to follow what the big boss person wants,
expects, and/or asks for, then they should be backed up for doing so, not punished for doing as the boss
had specifically asked for, as was done to me and on several counts.

When the boss KNEW that I was correct and doing the right thing, the boss did not say so. Instead the big
boss ridiculed me and backed those he KNEW were wrong, but these are also the same people he is not
being honest with either. I guess it's better to face one you've isolated rather than a group, especially when
you've managed to get that group of individuals to buy a whole lot of poppy-cock you've sold them. The
lesser of the two evils in this case would be to deal with one you've used and humiliated as opposed to the
having to deal with many you have in a different way, done the very same to.

This seems like to me a pretty warped sense of running anything, whether it be a site, a project, a business,
etc.. Unless.. the boss's intent is to undermine that which he/she is the head of. Anyone with just half of a
brain, even a mere quarter, knows that your best workers, your efficient workers, and your workers that
'honestly' believe in and care about their work, therefore do it well, you don't just kick to the curb, unless the
head of whatever is a complete idiotic, moronic fool! ..OR.. unless, the head is the boss 'in name only' and
there's another anonymous influence calling the shots and whom has NO interest in the site, project,
business, etc.'s success whatsoever AND it would also make sense, IF this be the case, that this anonymous
influence just might also have some knowledge and/or information, shall I say, the big boss doesn't want
told to the general public?

Then IF I were to expand a bit more, build onto this theory, it would then make me wonder if such 'possible'
information/knowledge couldn't be similar or in the same league as what I have ..and IF I proceed just a little
bit further, this possibility would also then be a reasonable motive to put into action something that would
keep both knowledges and informations from being combined to form an even greater, thus more powerful
"commanding influence" and quite possibly, 'check mate'! But folks, this is all just theory, a hypothesis if you
will, that comes from being a person who has been substantially influenced and surrounded by people in the
investigative field all of my life and is what also taught me to collect, save, document, timeline, correlate,
etc., all that I have. 'Course it also contributes to the fact that once I smell a rat, I will set out to "trap it"!


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May God Bless You and Have a Great Day!

May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

<i>By [Artsieladie]

All creativity on this site created by yours truly is copyrighted to [Artsieladie], aka Sharon Donnelly.
It may NOT be used without my expressed, written permission. To contact yours truly:

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