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Advanced help

Information on Elftown's down-time and when to expect it.

Elftown Technology

Information about the technology behind Elftown.

Pseudo HTML

A guide explaining what HTML you can actually
use on Elftown and how to use it properly.
See also <URI:pseudo_html.html>


Here you will find information on how to make and use
your own stylesheet in Elftown so you can customise
the way you see the site.


Forget [Hedda], meet the member who is really
behind this whole town.

Official Page Directory

This index is for listing all the public
official pages on Elftown.


Here you can find advice on what to do if you
think you have Adware, spyware or other nasty
things on your computer.

<forum:Elftown, Tech>

This forum is for discussing technical aspects
of Elftown. There's no need to try to and
read this if you don't know html and what a
webserver does.


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