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Welcome to the Elftown Archives!

Winner of the Featured Wiki!

The Elftown Archives is the place where you can find all kinds of written works by Elftowners for Elftowners!
Submit your own work or just enjoy browsing. If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions, questions, or have any writings you would like to contribute, just leave a comment below.



-Archives: Fiction

Children's, Comedy, Fan Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Short Stories, Suspense, Unfinished Work.

-Archives: Non-Fiction

Art, Biographies, Essays, Humor, Music, Memories, Opinions, School Subjects (from the Elftown Academy).

-Archives: Poetry

Fantasy, History/Future, Holidays, Lyrics, Romance, Sonnets, Spirituality, Violence, Other.



If you have contributed one or more works to the Elftown Archives, you may sign your name on Archives Authors!


Submitting Your Work

Got a story, essay, or any other written work that you would like to submit? Just leave the link to the wiki page your work is on in the comment section below and we will add it in the appropriate section for you. Please make sure the work is spell-checked and on its own wiki page.


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- Elftown Academy
- The Town Herald

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2008-08-30 [Byne]: If you need any help Imp, I can always lend a hand. (: Although starting this coming Tuesday I won't have a laptop anymore... Which means less time on the computer.

2008-08-31 [Imperator]: Your hand would come in handy if you want to lend it. :D

2008-08-31 [Byne]: It is lendable at the moment. (: PM details so to what you'd like my hand to do. No sexual favours though, k thnx. XD

2008-09-12 [Byne]: Your extra pair of hands has completed their task. (:

2008-09-12 [Linderel]: Except that I had to fix two of the links :P

2008-09-12 [Imperator]: Good job [Byne]! *pats hands*

2008-09-13 [Byne]: ....o_________o; Which ones? I read through them all and placed them were I thought they'd be best approriated... As they were all rather short stories. (Good, but short.)

2008-09-13 [Imperator]: I think she means that the links were broken, like they needed a space or something.

2008-09-13 [Linderel]: Indeed, that is what I meant. One of them lacked a period, another lacked a space.

2008-09-13 [Byne]: OH. Okay. x_____x Sorry about that. Thought I'd gotten them right. OH WELL. I'm learning? (:

2008-10-28 [tasha_k]: are there any other archives for stories? I'm new and trying to find a specific story

2008-10-28 [Chimes]: It all depends whether the author submitted the story, it may not even be here. If it is, it'll be in the Fiction section.

2008-10-28 [Byne]: Or, depending on the story, in the NOn Fiction. x) But yes, CHimes is correct.

Best chance is looking under Fiction. o:

2009-01-22 [Imperator]: Yay! "Stuff"! :D

2009-01-22 [Linderel]: Have yet another :3 Sangria bird sings

2009-01-22 [Imperator]: Oof! There's so much "stuff" I can hardly carry it all! XD

2009-01-22 [Linderel]: Get a Bag of Holding :P

2010-09-04 [Eyden13]: Are people still active on here?

2010-09-04 [Linderel]: I don't know about active, but I'm still watching.

2010-09-08 [*Phoenix*]: I just recently found this place so I'm going to try and look into it when I have more time...

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