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Elftown's Open Marketplace

An open RPG sponsored by the Wiki Fiction Roleplay's
WFR Guild Members for the Elftown - Community

The market streets are bustling with the merchants and buyers bartering over their wares. There are guards placed about every other booth to keep the peace and they gladly take up in conversation with any that are new here and will give up directions easily. They seem really charismatic as do the merchants. You can find almost anything here for a fair price. There are merchant booths selling anything from rations to potions and even armor and weapons. And for the right amount of gold you could even get rare items at the right booth.

The Guild Home is an old creaky building in a corner of the marketplace. The parchement nailed to the door of the three-story building reads "Looking for business at the Thieves' Guild or wanting to create a new Order of Mages? Got a job for the Circle of Knights or just curious about the Potion Masters Association? Come and register, avertise or join at the Guild Home!"

The Elftown Community abroad lies just outside the market's open streets and plazas, stretching in all directions, just outside Wiki Street. See the Elftown - Community and the Wiki Index for more fun wikis and game ideas.

The Elftown Water Fountain rests in the center of the most open plaza in the marketplace, and could use a copper coin or two for personal good luck.

The Adventurer's Tavern lies down the street, with it's doors always open for tired wanderers and adventurers. (WFR Guild *wink*).
The Ice Dragon Inn's newly-built tavern rests on one of the busy market streets.


[Firous], playing Raine Airta
[Pinkdonkey], playing Flexifta Swise
[NamelessMerc], playing Tethis Ironfold
[xido], playing Chibunky the Gibblegoblin
[K'jesrya], playing K'jesrya
[Hiuko], playing as Hiuko
[lost_adonis], playing as D'Hara


Through the hustle and bustle of the market, Raine Airta dodges and weaves through the masses to get to each of her guards for a status report from each. As always everything goes well so far, the day is nice and as calm as can be. Raine continues to check on her guards, accidentally bumping into a couple people here and there. She makes sure to apologize to those she accidentally makes contact with. Those she bumps into feel as though they just brushed an ice cube as she leaves on some little patches of frost on their clothes.

A little far off, Flexifta Swise stands behind her booth, carefully pricing some very rare potions. A couple of curious people stand about, eyeing the various concoctions. A few are on the counter, but the most dangerous and costly stand in luxurious bottles on shelves of dark wood.

Stepping slowly through the throng, Tethis Ironfold scanned the nearby buildings. The gold in his hand glittered in the Sunlight, but the rapier at his hip would discourage any prospective pickpockets and muggers. Spotting the place he was looking for, The Guild Home, Tethis made his way inside.

Having placed his scroll advertisement for his guild in The Guild Home, Tethis came back outside into the marketplace, looking around lazily. He had no duties for the next few hours and had nothing to do really - The smith had taken care of his equipment in the guild earlier, and he didn't have that much gold to look at the stalls. Settling himself against a wall, Tethis contented himself watching the world go by. Noisy as it was, he could think fairly easily where he was.

Adding to the general hubbub were several of The Knights of Tethis, out on patrol as peacekeepers in the Marketplace. Their corporal, one Cpl. Denzer, rested his gaze upon Raine Airta and Tethis, giving a quick salute to both as the Knights made their way around the market.

Hopping down from the top of one of the shacks that housed a local furniture salesman's desk, Chibunky, a strange goblinoid companion of the local Mage, Astoriaal, sees an opportunity for fun.
Hastily making his way through the streets of the market, he scampers quickly toward and then onto the shoulders of one of the Knights, leaping without any effort up to the bannerpost for the flag-sign of one of the butcher shops. The Knight barely notices before the little stooge is up and away. The nearly simian goblinoid moves with ease up from the man's shoulders to the high-resting sign.
"Heeheheeheeheeheheeeeee... Hey, hey you! Hoohooo!! Pbtbbtpbphbtbt!!!" he chides at the human, raspberrying him and goading at him. Quickly hopping up one further rung, he hangs on to the flagpole for Elftown, near the base.

The Knight in question, Janus Pillberry, merely laughed at the small creature, nudging his companions and pointing to it, though it was obvious they'd seen it anyway. The rasberries irked him a little, but he ignored it and merely looked to his commanding officer, Tethis, who shrugged as if to say, "What are we supposed to do about it?"
The Knight promptly re-assumed his stance at attention, having been knocked out of it as the goblinoid scampered all over him. Adjusting his steel helm so that he could keep the thing in sight, Pillberry stepped back into line.

The day was bright as K'jesrya made her way through the people. The cowl of her cloak covering her distingtive features, as she made her way along the streets as she looked at the wares that were out and for sale. She hoped that any glimpses of her startling features would not alarm the armed guards that were patroling the city streets making sure that no theives were making off with the wares that people were selling. Taking in her surroundings, she hoped that she would find a tavern or a place to get a bite to eat and sip some chilled ale.

As the hooded stranger made her way across the maket, Tethis caught a glimpse of her. Pointing to two of the Knights, they set off into the millingcrowd to investigate. Even if she wasn't a thief, it was their duty to be sure, of course.

As Raine made her rounds she heard some commotion about a creature that was trying to cause havoc. She followed the rumors until she found the cause, a goblinoid. She laughed lightly and called him down. She had met him before when she had helped for a delivery for Astoriaal a few days ago. She called up, "Does the mage know you are here, or are you out on your own today?" She smiled to the childish creature as she waited for it's answer.

Chibunky crossed his eyes as he looked back at Raine from the rooftop.
"Nope! I got out through the window!" he calls down to her, shaking his head and flopping down on his back on the wooden roof beneath the flagpole, still high above their reach.

Raine laughs at him, "Have you now? What will the mage think of this now?" She had a devilish look in her eyes, she was just teasing but wanted to see if Chibunky would give himself up, which she doubted.

K'jesrya had hoped that her hooded appearance would not draw too much attention to herself, but her fears of being brought under suspicion had come to pass.

The two Knights, making their way slowly through the crowd, had all but caught up to the hooded woman. One of the Knights noticed something odd about the girl as he'd gotten in front of her, her hair seemed to be several different colours. He discounted this information, as in the Market everything from demons to nymphs was seen at some point, but it definitely caught his attention. His companion, noticing nothing, Walked up to the woman brazenly and tapped her on the shoulder, "Excuse me miss, but could I ask your business in the market? People in hooded cloaks tend to put the shoppers on edge."
If the man had been any more stupid, he would have been thrown from the Knights there and then. Tethis, watching from across the market, winced. The Knight had put himself right in the line of fire.

K'jesrya stopped and turned to face the guard that was speaking with her. She lifted her hands and removed the cowl of her cloak, revealing her startling features to the man in front of her. "I meant no harm sir, it is just that my appearance has been known to put more than just shoppers on edge. I only meant to keep covered until I had found a tavern in which I could stay the night." She bowed her head, "I meant no harm."

The Knight, a relatively new recruit, recoiled slightly at the sight of the woman's hair. Fortunately, his companion was able to come close enough to keep the man's wits about him by gripping his shoulder, "That's fine, miss. But don't wory, with half of the patrons here, your appearance is something a little more commonplace, albeit not completely run-of-the-mill. We beg of you to excuse us, no offence was meant, and we hope you have a nice day." Steering his companion, mouth semi-agape, from the woman, the Knight set himself back on his patrol of the market, still holding the other by the shoulder firmly.

K'jesrya was quite familiar with the staring, and the gaping looks. It was nothing new to her, so to steer away from trouble while in the marketplace, she decided to keep her cowl down so that her strange hair and eyes were visible to those that looked. There was another soul here that seemed somehow familiar to her, someone that had the touch of water within their body. She did not know who or what it was, but that was not something that she needed to investigate at this time. The only thing on her mind now was a good warm meal and a nice bed to sleep on. She began her search for a good inn in ernest now.

Flexifta Swise packed away her potions and picked up her numerous bags, deciding that anyone who wanted to buy some would have done so already, and she could do with an early night. The few coins she'd got today would barely pay for a supper and bed at the Adventurer's Tavern, but she didn't have much choice. She made her way down the street brushing against the walls, in fear that anyone might bang into her precious potions.

Around the same time [Hiuko] wanders into the market place. Most merchants are calling it a day. I suppose I should too. He thinks to himself. He goes off to find an inn passing by people brushing past a few people and sliding into openings before a gap is closed be people. He keeps his hand on his sword making sure no one steals it and just incase there is an incident.

Raine gives up on Chibunky and moves onto the streets supervising the merchants to make certian that no one steals and her guards posted around the marketplace move in closer to the merchants as well. Raine makes her way through the masses trying to find inns, taverns, and brothels making frosted marks on their clothing if they brush eachother. She skirts her way through till she comes to the a nice inn that had a tavern in the lower story. It was three stories tall and was in decent condition. It was very popular and Raine had a permanant room there so that she was close to the streets. She came to the doors with the sign The Ice Dragon Inn waving at the slight gusts of wind now and again.

Mero walks up by her and examines the inn. "So is this a good inn?" He asks still looking at the inn and holding his sword.

Tethis, on his regular patrol, clearedhis throat as he passed a man next to The Ice Dragon Inn. Serruptitiously pulling the man's hand gently awayfrom his sword-hilt, Tethis smiled graciously, his voice like honey laced in venom as he lowered it to barely a whisper, "Sir, there are guards all around the marketplace. It would be appreciated, in fact it would be greatly appreciated, if you did not draw attention to your weapon. Such acts inspire troublemakers, and may upset the good lady and her guards." Then, like a whisp born of nothing but shadow, Tethis was gone. Several yards away, he was still watching the young man, praying he had the senses Venith gave a pigeon.

Raine looked back at Mero and smiled a sweet smile as Tethis finished his warning, "This is my favorite place to stay. In fact I have a permanent room on the second floor." She waves him in and walks into the noisey inn.

Mero nods to Raine and walks into the inn.

Josephina entered into the din of the open market. The stranger was dressed in a tight green tunic that displayed an attractive form and black pants. A pair of leather riding gloves hung from her belt. A black cape hung from her shoulders and to the ground. The stranger had a pleasant face despite the fact that she appeared to be worn and tired.

She observed the buildings and their signs. She was an alien in a strange land. She needed to find a place to stay, but first... Ottish Spiced Ale. She knew her priorities.

Hiuko jumped up unto boxes, and builings until he got up to the top of the city wall. From there he relaxed and felt people selling goods and heard people taling about their day. Then a strange tap from the outside of the wall. Hiuko knocked on the wall and felt the vibrations and found two goblins doing what seemed to be looking for weak points. Probably to break in an invade. I'll tell the gaurds about that later. He thought and he lie down to listen and feel the world around him that he can't see. Then Bangs jumps up to him and meows a bit loudly. "I know the gaurds don't like people up here but what are the chances they'll catch me if I'm lieing down?" Hiuko replies. Bangs meows again and jumps off the wall and goes to see a strange new arrival.

Bangs walked through people legs quickly and without touching one and when he got to Josephina he meowed and pawed at the air. So this the person I'm sensing. He thought as he tried to act cute.

A monster stood at the front gate waiting... testing the water as it were. He stood waiting to see if he would be attacked again. He had gone many days with out water in this desert but he was a creature of the land and seemed not to show it. It was less water he sought but companionship. A friendly smile something to let him know he was real and not just the fevered imagination of his mind. The guards seemed to stiffen. The creatures massive shoulders slumped in dismay. “so much hate... so little tolerance” he murmured under his breath. The tremors of his foot steps could be felt by the attentive guards as he turned to walk back into the desert, back in to the blistering sun, hoping to find more comforting civilization. Three paces out and the beast stops... he kneels and slides his hand into the ground... “People so many people, animals... but ... something familiar... something cold. Guard! May i enter?” the creature turned around bowing its shaved head in respect. “I feel something... I remember from a... long time ago. Only she was hurt... when I remember her doing this...” The Bazaar was bustling with throngs of people haggling over goods and prices but the stalls near the portcullis quieted as the grumbling deep baritone rolled past the guards.

The guards looked hesitantly at the beast of a man standing in front of them, then looked to eachother questioningly. They came to a silent agreement as the larger of the two guards said, “You may enter so long as you cause no trouble. Taharsan will accompany you for a time to be sure.” The smaller man flinched as he heard his name, then conceded to his superior and motioned for D’Hara to walk past for the guard to follow.

"Thank you sir, and... thank you Taharsan." the guard moved quickly to fall in to pace within the shadow of the hulk. The wall of people began to part and the creature moved in to the open marketplace.

Hiuko appeared right behind them hanging upside down from the wall looking over the gaurds. What a strange vibration. A new person although not a person. I've never felt a vibration like this before although if the gaurds let him in I'm sure he's friendly. Then he turns his attention to the gaurds "Hey guys just in case you wanted to know there are two goblins on the east side touching a weak part of the wall. Oh and you didn't see me up here." He says hoping he can get away from them trying to get him off the wall this time.

K'jesrya tried to make her way easily through the crowded streets, but it was not working very well. It was not long ago that she felt the familiarity of the spirit of water in someone here. Since then, she had been trying to find it. She had been known to find information from people in taverns, but in this strange city, it seemed that everywhere she went, she was told to leave because of her strange red hair and ice blue eyes...perhaps it would be better for her just to leave the marketplace and return to the land. The marketplace fell silent for a moment, and when she looked around her to find the cause, she looked strait into the eyes of a monster of a man...or what might be a man. As she looked up, the hood of her cloak fell back, revealing her startling blue eyes and flaming red hair. She bowed low in appology. "Forgive me sir for standing in your way...I meant no offence."

Hiuko got away before the gaurds caught him and ran along the wall but stopped at the scene in the streets that he felt. "Hmm... why has everyone stopped moving? They act as though they've never seen a humanoid before."

Tethis, on the other hand, had slowly made hisway over to the newcomer, wondering exactly why one of the guards, one of his boys named Taharsan, was accompanying him. Stopping in front of the large, er, person, Tethis smiled amiably, "Good day to you, sir, and welcome to the marketplace! Might I enquire as to your business? I am Tethis Ironfold, I run the Knights of Tethis, and I'd be happy to point you in the right direction." Aside to Taharsan, Tethis muttered, "I thought you were on gate duty today?"

Taharsan looked startled, "I was told to escort him and make sure no trouble would follow in his wake." He fidgeted silently and looked at the ground.

"I was fallowing a cold sensation that was... familiar to me. I seem to be causing a disturbance... I'm sorry" D'Hara looked to the ground like a chastised child; slumping his massive shoulders and trying to look small. The effort was futile. D’Hara straightened and looked over the heads of those around him at a tavern sign; squinting his eyes against the light. “You, my lady, feel strange… are you a destined like my old friends?” The question was gruff and rude in it’s abruptness but you could see in his eyes he intended no offence.

K'jesrya raised a quizzical brow, "Destined? I am not familiar with the term...I am truly sorry. However, I too felt the familiar presence of water in the city...I was following it as well…but as of now, I have had no luck in finding it." She turned her head in the direction that the one standing in front of her, noticing the tavern sign. "Perhaps what you and I seek is there."

Carefully the creature picked his way around the crowd towards the tavern. "Pardon me sir knight. I simply mean to go there..."

"Well, Taharsan, I should think you'd be better off at the gate. This gentleman seems well enough in his manner to be allowed through the market without an escort. And to you, sir, a good day. Feel free to ask any of the guards around the market if you need anything, most of them are Knights and will gladly aid you." urning from D'Hara, Tethis walked back into the crowd and yawned. He'd been up for several hours, more than likely more than seven, if he remembered correctly, and it was starting to take it's toll slowly.

Still not understanding what the large one was speaking of, she decided to make her way to the tavern as well. Perhaps there was something there that would interest her, or perhaps not. If not, she would move on like she always did, however, if there something interesting did happen while she was here, perhaps she would enjoy the company of others for a short time at least.

The inn's sign swayed lightly on a breeze, the sound of laughter and talking echoed from it's walls and half opened door. The door was a deep stained oak door with no window. The Ice Dragon Inn was open and ready for business.

Chibunky wriggles with laughter at the sight of so many willful adventurers in town, and hops from rooftop to awl and beyond as he follows the people with his roving marble eyes.

Hiuko feeling someone one a nearby roof looks over and his bangs cover his blind eyes and there is a person not to far from his resting place on the city wall. "Hi there." He says lazily waving at Chibunky.

Chibunky giggles incessantly, hoping from foot to foot on top of the nearby buildingtops. "Who you?"

"Me Hiuko. who you?" Hiuko says still lieing down with his bangs covering his eyes. Hiuko could here the gaurds coming to get him down from the roof and turned to Chiunky. "Sorry to cut this short but it seems I'm being chased again. Maybe I'll see you another time." He jumped off the wall and landed gracefully on the outside of the town and walked off towards the woods to find something to do to wait out the gaurds patrol.


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2006-11-08 [Firous]: Yay! If I had more time at the moment I'd write...I'll be back in a couple hours! ^.^

2006-12-05 [xido]: [Firous], [Pinkdonkey] and [NamelessMerc], all of you for your help and contributions to monitoring and moderating WFR Guild-sponsored pages, I would like to ask you if there is anything I can do for favors for any of you to show you my appreciation for your work and assistance?

I am currently doing some WFR Formatting and realized that I had no clue how I would format these Open RP areas, since they are not 'official' Guild pages.... Any ideas? I also have some more keywords on that page... ;) I would also like the link for the Fantasy RP Guild to be replaced with the Wiki Fiction Roleplay link at the end of the page, though the on at the beginning can stay if you think it works better than this one... I can't say that the marketplace is either fantasy or scifi, but I haven't yet seen any Scifi characters here to disprove that theory....

Thank you everyone!

2006-12-06 [Firous]: .......uuuhhh.... I don't know what to say. I will take just a thank you . I don't need anything else. As for the formating...I don't know about that either. I've been busy with school... Finals are in 2 weeks...yeah so cramming... I'm still watching the page but the only thing I think we are lacking are players. If we had more then the place would move on it's own a lot better.

2006-12-06 [NamelessMerc]: The only improvement would be a nice picture / banner for the top of the page =p

Aside from that, I'll take the thanks and agree that we need more people! I might just link up a new adventure from here, maybe get some interested people for mercenaries =D

2006-12-07 [Kuehne]: need someone to play a mercenary?? I have your girl.. Josie is all about killing for the bucks.

2006-12-07 [NamelessMerc]: Well I'll set up that nexxt week at some point, however you'd do well talking to Tethis about joining up to his outfit first.
I can use the excursion as a test.

2006-12-23 [xido]: A banner would be perfect. I did a contest for the Elftown Water Fountain, as you know, and that was helpful and fun (but a pretty big job). At least this time, we are not lost on how to run the contest or make badges for the winners, but it is best done over a period of only a few months.

And of course, [Kuehne], join in at will, and yes, The Knights of Tethis are always looking for fresh meat. XP This is an Open RP Area, so feel free to post as you wish.

Firous and Merc, what would you say to a house rule (rule of the House, WFR), of players being able to powerplay in Open RP Areas, so that this wiki then becomes more volatile for dynamic action...? It is easily moderated with ET's wiki features, and would make for a lot more interesting tales.

And, of course, THANK YOU. I love having volunteers around, even if it is simply to have a presence in the wikis. Many people are getting more busy as time progresses, and I fear some may leave again soon.

I am glad that the Guild has a remaining presence, even if it is to comment on the pages and keep watch. Of course, feel free to advertise! I have done all I can for the Open RP Area pages, posting them in all the links sections for important Guild pages. Advertising and networking is the key ingredient in bringing in new people and storylines, I have found.

2006-12-23 [xido]: "iippo: :O My notes page takes like 5 minutes to load, so I don't like going there, I'll have a heart attack! // No need for commas, space is enough to separate."

iippo, could you see WFR Formatting for me, and tell me if I am overdoing it with the commas in my listed keywords? I did the same thing with my keywords for all Dragons - Biology, Sociology, and Magic pages... I thought they required separators of some form aside from spaces. If that is so, it will be difficult to do some words (composite words, like role-play, for example)..... I think.

2006-12-23 [iippo]: The reason you don't need commas (I think, not know here) is that even if you search for a short word, the results will have even the words where the shorter words are in. For example, if you wiki search for "poke" you'll find everything that has "poke", "pokemon", "poker" or any other word with "poke" in it as keyword.
But with things that have several ways to type or many forms, like "roleplay/role-play/rp", just put all the possible forms so everyone searching for any of them will find the wiki.

2006-12-27 [xido]: Excellent, thank you, iippo. :D

2007-01-02 [NamelessMerc]: Alright, I've drafted a rough mission for the Knights, whch will be 4 kinghts including Tethis and a volounteer. I'd assume at this point that it's most likely Josephina, but she'll have to address Tethis before he'll notice her.

Also, [xido] I'm not a fan of powerplaying uness it's for a purpose, like moderating or something to that effect. Allow someone to powerplay and the rp goes out of the window as they get consumed with showing how cool and unbelievable their character is. At least that's my experience.

2007-01-02 [Hiuko]: There is only one purpose to powerplaying and that's if the person who's making the story want to introduce an opposing npc that will only be there for a brief moment to say "Stop this silly quest." because no one should be able to even hit said guy yet.

2007-01-10 [Hiuko]: There I added a bit of character interaction to the story.

2007-01-16 [NamelessMerc]: By the way, Tethis hasn't ignored K'jesrya, he's simply trying to avoid some sort of scene. However, feel free to have her get angry if you want =p

2007-01-16 [K'jesrya]: ok...she wouldn't...she's already been confronted by him when she first showed up

2007-02-21 [lost_adonis]: The Ice Dragon Inn is a blank page?

2007-02-21 [Firous]: oops... The Ice Dragon Inn

2007-11-18 [Hiuko]: Cibunky's silence is starting to scare me. Is he still alive?

2007-11-19 [Firous]: I know huh... I tried to talk to him earlier but it didn't work so I went to the tavern. ^.^

2007-11-19 [Hiuko]: Oh well... bye

2007-12-29 [xido]: Sorry y'all. I love to RP too, but life is hectic again.

I wish the best to all of you, and hope that this page continues to be a central open RP area for the Guild and Elftowners in general. ;)

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