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Welcome to Elftown's History!
Here you can find out how it all began; how your stay on this community was made possible by all the hardworking crew. All things from crashes to contests, the ups and the downs, are all recorded here! You can find what happened to Elftown throughout the years up to this very day.


The Elftown Museum

Illustrious Curator: [Yncke]

The News Archives

A complete archive of any and every news item made since Elftown's beginning way back in 2002.
Illustrious Historian: [SilverFire]

Elftown Past Competitions

A record of every official contest held in Elftown's hallowed halls and the winners of these illustrious competitions. These records are used to prevent repeat contest-themes.
Illustrious Historian: [Cillamoon]

Official Competition Winners Gallery

A Gallery containing the winning entries of all our Official contests for your perusal, if you wish to see how high the standard of the art is that wins our illustrious contests, come here.
Illustrious Historian [nehirwen]


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2009-06-26 [Thunder Cid]: I was inquiring about if their any available jobs as a Historian that could be filled by an apprentice? I have an application posted and I would really love an opportunity to get involved with you all. Please get back to me at you're earliest convenience.

2009-06-26 [Hedda]: I'll let [Paz] answer that.

2009-06-27 [sequeena_rae]: Whichc could take a while because she's not here often :p

2009-06-27 [Hedda]: Well, she was on Elftown just after I wrote that. But didn't came here obviously.

2009-06-27 [sequeena_rae]: She pops on a few times but I don't think she checks everything :) I believe she just graduated highschool and is about to go to college

2009-06-27 [Thunder Cid]: It's fine, I'm just wanting to let her know I'm interested if she is in need of another lackey ^^

2009-06-27 [sequeena_rae]: Well let's hope she sees this soon :)

2009-06-27 [Yncke]: Well, there's the The Elftown Museum's Elftown Museum Temporary Exposition for starters. *wink wink nudge nudge*

2009-07-05 [Thunder Cid]: I'm working on something.

2009-07-05 [Yncke]: Yay! I'm looking forward to see it! :)

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