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2007-11-03 14:23:59
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<img:stuff/ETB0.gif> The Official Elftown Rehabilitation Centre <img:stuff/ETB0.gif>


a.k.a. TOERC

Founded by [Janouk] on the 23rd of March, 2005
Inspired by [Sunrose] :)
The lovely banner was made by [Zab] :-)

Welcome to the official Elftown rehabilitation centre, a place for all Elftown addicts to get a grip on their addiction and to find solutions.

I'll list below what needs to be done and read to continue our way to rehabilitation;

<img:stuff/ETB0.gif>1) Read: Are you at the right place?
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif>2) Choose: Serious addiction problems // Humorous addiction problems and continue there

<img:stuff/ETB0.gif>3) Share your addiction stories with the group in the group therapy hour
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif>4) Make your plans for rehabilitation
<img:stuff/ETB0.gif>5) Consult your personal advisor(s)

<img:stuff/ETB0.gif>6) Forget about your addiction for a while, let the text be and enjoy the TOERC Playground! :D

<img:stuff/ETB0.gif>7) Share your opinions, critics, suggestions, questions and everything else such a like with the head of this centre at the Head's office.

Look what a nice house banner [Zab] made!
Click! ;-)


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2006-07-21 [moonscale]: Exactly! thats what I told them.

2006-07-21 [Zab]: *has been away from ET for 14 days and is still just as addicted* Even on holiday I keep thinking of Elftown..O_o I'm doomed..

2006-07-22 [Fizban]: Time away from ET, just gives me things to say, when I get back to ET. "Yes!! thats was soo awesome of an experience, now I have something else to talk about on ET, perfect, just what I needed."--lol. All life outside of ET, has one purpose, to talk about when you get back to the beloved

2006-07-22 [Zab]: Exactly. *nods understanding* I couldn't have said it better myself..XD

2006-07-31 [Zab]: I seriously have a problem..O__o I want to be with my boyfriend who lives in another town, but sinse he doesn't have internet I can't get on to ET at the evenings.. and that makes me physically unable to stay with him for more than a few days at a time.. I just get restless and badmooded...

2006-08-01 [Fizban]: omg!! thats so funny!! awww!! lol!!...easy solution...get him internet ;) lol.

2006-08-01 [Zab]: I would.. if I wasn't unemployed and completely broke..XD But's a problem..Oo

2006-08-02 [kay-chan]: Aw man... There ARE ways to force you from ET for a while, if just to take a vacation, if you have a friend on here.

2006-08-02 [moonscale]: My friend finally agreed to join, I've been showing him ET. Hes already hooked, and he hasn't even chosen a user name!

2006-08-02 [kay-chan]: Hehe... can non-members even sign up to this club? XD It would just prove how addictive ET really is!

2006-08-02 [Charybdis]: Muahaha... ET is a vortex, I tell you! A swirling seductive fantasy-and-scifi artistic vortex that will suck you in and never let go xD

2006-08-02 [Zab]: I agree...x)

2006-08-03 [Fizban]: this place is so wonderful though!! you can see so much great art, and my pathetic poetry has actually gotten better, because I have met, some friggen AMAZING poets!!!

2006-08-03 [kay-chan]: You used the words seductive, fantasy, and suck in the same sentence, [Charybdis]. I'm all excited now. XD But yeah, it's lovely.

2006-08-03 [Charybdis]: Oh, um, sorry >__________>;;

2007-09-02 [Janouk]: !! :) All this dust needs to be lifted and pimped and what not. Give me advice, take over, act addicted! :p

Any advice, any work whores, anything at all, will be very much appreciated! <3 (<-- know that I never use this symbol, I must really really appreciate it ;))
Message me or leave comments here, or step into the even more dusty Head's Office! :p

Psst: Or just edit (wisely) without permission! :o

2007-09-02 [Zab]: I'm so addicted I don't even mind being it..x)

2007-09-02 [Janouk]: Wow, what a luxury! :o

2007-09-02 [Zab]: Iknow :O I'll need rehab when I get a job..

2014-08-12 [Mortified Penguin]: Can you guys also help with my meth addiction?

2014-08-13 [Sunrose]: No :(

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