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The Digital Painter's Gallery
A gallery of the entries from the first installment of The Digital Painter's Contest.

1. [Jitter]
Program: Photoshop CS, Wacom Tablet


Program: Photoshop CS2, Wacom Tablet


2. [Ocean Soul]
'And the butterflies don't cheer me up'
Program: Photoshop 7.0, drawn with reference photo of [Kuruni]

Program: Photoshop 7.0

3. [moira hawthorne]
'Hawthorne Drow'
Program: Photoshop CS (I think) or photoshop 7.0

Program: Photoshop CS

was suffering abit of art block... when the eger came on me to open photoshop and start colouring... no pencil drawing... just a big red background with a black hole in it... slowly this emmerged...

4. [Lerune]
Program: Paintshop 6

A Gift
Program: Paintshop 6

5. [Cia_mar]
Elf...done on a
30 day trial of Photoshop...

"Midnight Lark"
Program: MS Paint took 2 days

6. [Yuriona]
Reinard Latchoktve
Program: Paintshop Pro 8.0, Photoshop Elements 2.0, Wacom Tablet


Amadrienshyl Taralas
Program: Paintshop Pro 8.0, Optical Mouse


7. [dayah]
Ateara done with photoshop.

"Backstage Pass"

8. [Asrun]
Random girl sketch.. Tried a new painting technique for me.

9. [Skydancer] Solar Lunar Imbalance - PhotoShop 7, reference used for the figure. Wacom Intuos tablet. I have included a detail image of the winged goddess figure for validation.

10.[Mom]Portrait of [Rennie] Photoshop cs 8.0/Wacom tablet

Not quite finished...hope to have it done in time.

11. [nunt]
a) "When turtles grow wings" done in photoshop 7 with a tablet

b) "The love dragon" also done in photoshop

12. [iippo]
"Guilty but not to blame" - Done in GIMP

"Remedios the Beauty" - Done in GIMP

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2007-08-12 [Grandamelf]: Wow, this is so great! <img:stuff/mood32-gif.gif> I never knew you could make such great art on a computer!! I play in the basic Windows Paint, but with only 24 color bmp It comes out like I am a 2 yrs old! I am 68 years old! I guess am in my second chilhood so I don't mind being laughed at! I admire the fantastic things all of the Elftown artist do! Just Wonderful!

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