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The Seminary Gang

Created and Written by
Jon Tree Top, McKenzi Olson, Brian Donahue, and Richard Daw


The five of them were friends; they all met together in their early morning scripture study class. Little did they know that due to a freak of nature, they'd be thrust back to the very world they were studying.

But how did they come to this strange new world? How did they cross over two thousand years of history in the wink of an eye? This is no time for questions, however, as the situation quickly turns into a matter of life and death. For this ancient world is not a peaceful one.

Making their way through jungles, bible stories, the apocalypse, and time itself, the Gang will slowly begin to unravel the secrets.

But the truth might be too much for even them.

*     *

[Chapter I]
I n t r o d u c t i o n s

[Chapter II]
S t r a n g e N e w W o r l d

[Chapter III]
T a l k O f T h e T o w n

[Chapter IV]
R o a m i n g C h a r g e s

[Chapter V]
W h e n I n R o m e. . .

[Chapter VI]
F r o m Z a r a h e m l a W i t h L o v e

[Chapter VII]
M a k e Y o u r T i m e

[Chapter VIII]
L o s t I n T r i a n g u l a t i o n

[Chapter IX]
M e, M y s e l f, A n d Y o u

[Chapter X]
P r e v i o u s C o m m i t m e n t s

[Chapter XI]
G e t t i n g A l l M i s t y

[Chapter XII]
Y o u K e e p U s i n g T h a t W o r d

[Chapter XIII]
O b j e c t s I n M i r r o r s

[Chapter XIV]
A n d T h u s W e S e e

[Chapter XV]
T w o B i r d s W i t h O n e S t o n e

[Chapter XVI]
L o o k i n g F o r G r o u p

[Chapter XVII]
T r y A g a i n . . . S l o w e r

[Chapter XVIII]
H e l l o M y N a m e I s K e n z i

[Chapter XIX]
S t a n d A L i t t l e T a l l e r

*     *

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2007-12-30 [iippo]: Wow, this is incredibly cool. I've just read the first three chapters and I absolutely love it. :)

2008-02-19 [DarkAngel3]: Richard, did you add my edits to this one, or just to the one? Because if you didn't, poor iippo is reading your horrid grammer and poor edits...

2008-02-19 [Eyonic]: oooo, I'm liking this and I'm only in chapter 2

2008-02-20 [Delta Operator]: Not to worry; I added your edits.

2008-02-21 [DarkAngel3]: Thank you...

I should probably finish editing it :)

2009-08-22 [Eyden13]: This is really good, I'm not that far into it, but it seems well written and awesome.

2014-08-22 [Delta Operator]: Thanks!

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