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This wiki focuses around increasing awareness about "Stalking", and more specifically, "Cyber-stalking".
This particular page will be centered around "Being Stalked/Cyberstalked From a Victim's Perspective".

Come join the group on Facebook: "Cyberstalking Awareness"


Victim of Cyberstalking-Stalking

See also: Bullying-MobbingVictimizationVictimizing_Methods.

Rough Drafts - Currently

Resource: "Unfortunately For Me - First Hand Experience"

Being a person that has been through two Stalking episodes, neither one short-lived, with the second time around still underway, I developed this intense will to turn something negative into something positive; negative, fruitless energy into positive, empowering energy, in hopes that such would bear fruit of a different seed, fruit with seeds of knowledge and the gathering and dispensing of, so that others may be spared the atrocity of being stalked and having their privacy invaded, therefore their lives.

I have been and still am the Victim_of_Cyberstalking since 2007 that I am aware of. Not only this, however, but the cascading effects as a result: the Victimization, the Bullying-Mobbing, the Character_Assassination, etc., etc.. I wish I could say this is all behind me now, so I could begin to heal from all of the devastation that has resulted, but unfortunately I cannot. One can only begin to heal when the trauma has been ended.

I'm writing this accounting of my own experience of being at the mercy of a stalker and cyber-stalker, to help others realise something that may seem like it cannot happen, very well can. I WAS one of those people thinking it couldn't happen and to the degree that it has, BEFORE I was literally forced to face a reality I didn't want to face.

Yes, I became suspicious of seemingly unexplainable events, but for a long time, I wouldn't really believe my suspicions could be holding validity. Add the fact in that the trail was continually leading back to a person I respected and very much admired, made it this much more difficult to accept or believe. To be quite honest, I'm not sure which would be better or easier to deal with: having a person I know and uphold keeping tabs on me or having it be one that I haven't a clue about. But then, is there a better or easier anyway?

Knowing what it means to be followed everywhere you go online, having your online places invaded, because my stalker keyloggs me, therefore, is privy to EVERYTHING I type on my computer's keypad, I would like to help others; others that have and are going through this as well and others, to let them know that yes, such is possible, as horrific as it is, and they need to keep themselves aware and not only is knowledge power, but knowledge can offer protection.

Changing my password just means to him that he has to use a different, new password to access my online accounts and places, nothing more, and the very same that I would have to do as well. He logs into my accounts like he is "I" logging in. Facebook, Twitter, my Google Sites, my Gmail, my Yahoo.. are just some of my online sites he has waltzed into like he belongs there.

My hope and goal is to, as I previously stated, help others: to increase awareness and to offer understanding, compassion, and empathy for those that have and/or are being subjected to the horrible injustice of Cyberstalking, the privacy invasion and thus, most definitely their life. However, it is NOT to make this about the individuals that do the stalking or cyberstalking. Otherwise, this mission could very well become more about the perpetrators themselves rather than maintaining the focus on this immoral, unethical atrocity. If the focus gets off track onto the perps, then the mission will become diluted and.. by those I am trying to build a constructive, defensive knowledge base against.

I have started a Facebook page for starters in my campaign to help and to increase awareness. There are two very important factors to address among others, and these are:
  <img:> - To show people that this IS POSSIBLE, so they may be vigilant for themselves, their own protection...
  <img:> - And so they can offer some level of understanding for those that have or are being subjected to this immoral, unethical, invasive crime.

The Facebook page is:
Please join if:
  <img:> - You have been or are a victim of Cybercrime/Cyberstalking.
  <img:> - You want to become more informed about Cyberstalking.
  <img:> - You are a computer tech to explain that this CAN be done and HOW.
  <img:> - You want to show your support AGAINST this crime.

I am definitely open to any additional information in regards to anything about Cyberstalking/Stalking from anyone, including links to more helpful and useful subject matter, and I am hoping for much support with this mission from many. I welcome it! There is a very broad spectrum of interrelated, connecting, even complex factors that go into this subject that I would like very much to see covered as much as and as best is possible.

If there seems to be a considerable amount of focus with this wiki around personality traits, tendencies, and/or disorders, it's because, since Cyberstalking/Stalking is behaviour based, behavioural research and the releasing and sharing of this knowledge, then plays a significant role in the overall mission to understand this crime first and then to enact ways to at least minimise it. Effectiveness against any formidable opponent is best achieved only when there is a good understanding "of the opponent", both in terms of their thinking processes, but also their strategic maneuvers and motives resulting from these processes.

I have sub-divided this originally very long web-page, as I continue to research and hopefully turn up increased amounts of information surrounding this relatively new traumatization, lying in waiting for unsuspecting victims, associated with this, the age of the Internet and high tech. As with most progressions, there comes along some negative side effects, and Cyberstalking is one of these that has permeated and polluted the modern age of computer and electronic technology.


Cyberstalking is Stalking, only with the use of electronic equipment, such as with computers, which therefore makes it a Computer_crime. Having a Personality_disorder can be a reason behind some, even if it's a more mild one such as Maladaptive_daydreaming. But disorders such as Psychopathy makes the matter that much more acute.

Victimization results when the person Stalking fears Whistleblowing is the avenue his/her victim is considering taking. The stalker then starts the Bullying and the Psychological_projection and puts into action Victim_blaming, Scapegoating, and the Dehumanization of his/her victim, instilling the Shooting_the_messenger theory, incorporating and instigating others to join him/her in their mission of Character_assassination called Mobbing. The stalker either chooses to apply Ad_hominem when he/she wants to drive a dagger in deeper or he/she may elect to go the way of the Silent_treatment.

As a result, the victim may sometimes develop Stockholm_syndrome symptoms, but usually, the victim's Victimization_Symptoms are much more serious, such as developing Post-traumatic_stress_disorder or even Complex_post-traumatic_stress_disorder. In many cases, the traumatic effects from the aforementioned, leads the victim into an abyss of darkness in which they feel there is no escape and so, they seek what they then perceive as the only alternative, and put a permanent end to the situation, removing themselves from it once and for all.

..I know, because I have been here, soooo close, a number of times.. and my stalker knows this, because he has read my accountings of these very dark moments.


How my cyberstalking began...

To be moved...
At first I didn't even want to accept the possibility that I was being so closely monitored and to actually believe I was being. Well, it all just seemed so far out in left field, so preposterous, because the person my suspicions were beginning to point to was a person that I respected very much so, for reasons that aren't relevant at this particular time.

However, as more and more things happened that seemed rather strange and bizarre with no real or any explanation for their occurrences, I began to pay closer and closer attention. I asked a few questions but I didn't seem to get any answers, but just more questions came as things seem to become more weird.

I didn't want to address the person I was beginning to suspect, because I really didn't want my thinking to actually consider that he could be the one making these strange things happen. I respected him and I had and was doing a lot of tasks for him and I was very happy with what I was doing, very happy.

However, I did muster up enough courage to write to him on 2008/01/07. It took everything I had to write it and then to tell him where to find it, which he never said he couldn't read it there. I was so afraid that he was going to be furious with me for even suspecting anything and especially him. But about five hours later, he responded, but not conventionally.

He used images to relay a message to me. I thought perhaps I was seeing things, so I went to two other people, and they agreed that what I was seeing was a distinct message from him. What he did was, he placed an image of his and an image of mine side by side. It was so obvious, it simply could not be missed (I have the screen capture).

When I asked another person that should have known if this was possible or not, from a technical standpoint, he told me that it was not possible. So I tried to dismiss the whole concept, but in the meanwhile, I still had gotten no concrete "normal" reply from him. Yet more and more unexplainable things were happening, therefore more questions, but I could get no answers.

I turned to a person that I was friends with at the time. She knew him I thought very well and so I was hoping to get some answers in regards to him, so I could perhaps, get a better handle on the situation; perhaps, find out hopefully that he in no way could be responsible or the cause for any of my suspicions. Let's just say, I did not want him to be the one at the root of these strange occurrences.

One must keep in mind, this is a person I admired. I looked around where I was on a daily basis, and I was actually in awe of his remarkable capabilities, or at least to me, he exhibited these. I was simply amazed and I loved every minute I spent contributing and so happy that I was a part of it all.

I am a very passionate person and when I get involved in anything I believe in, I will stop at practically nothing to throw my whole self into whatever it may be. Where I was, was certainly no different in this respect and I felt like I was at least in some capacity helping to make things better, which brought me a great deal of satisfaction, therefore pleasure.

I worked a lot towards the goal, years, but it didn't seem like work, because I enjoyed it so much. I believed in a lot of what he himself aspired for everything there to be and therefore, wanted to do everything I could to help him achieve what we seemed to share and in fairly equal intensity, although in different capacities and levels.

With this said, and as I was saying, I went to a person whom I thought knew him rather well, perhaps very well. At some point she suggested we move our conversation elsewhere, to an IM conversation and we spoke a little back and forth and I was getting a chance to know her a little better as well and I was pleased about this aspect, too.

My suspicions were still lingering in my mind, but not so much. I was beginning to think for sure that there must be some other explanation to the strange occurrences and I had simply been to quick to jump to conclusions.

Then in one of the conversations, she began to tell me that he was reading all of my private stuff. But just after she began to tell me about this, a chunk of very bold black text popped into the conversation and it was basically about jumping on my case for disagreeing with a theory he had stated.

I am a very sensitive person and so I just kinda' bit my lip as I tried to tell myself I must be mistaken or something. But then the next thing I knew, she was telling me that I shouldn't agree with him, or be so willing to please him so much. At this point I was totally confused and did not know quite what to make of all of this. One minute she was telling me he was invading my privacy, the next she was getting on my case about me not agreeing with his theory, and still the next, she was telling me that I shouldn't agree with him or try to please him so much. ..And then shortly after this, she signed off. She is a very well spoken person, coherent, and so this contradictoriness wasn't fitting in nor was its lack of use of the same caliber of grammar and such. I even said to her that she wasn't seeming to be quite herself that day and my confusion is why I made this statement.

The next conversation started with a HaHa.exe file coming in. I didn't click on it. I didn't do anything. I just let it sit there, because I didn't know what it was about and I thought I'd just wait and see if she was going to say something at some point to me. About twenty to thirty minutes later she came on and asked me if I had clicked on it. I told her I hadn't and she told me that it had been sent to all of her contacts.

Between the previous conversation and this one following and the fact I hadn't heard boo from her for quite a period of time after the HaHa file, I really did not know what to do or think. When I think someone could be angry or annoyed with me for some reason, I won't usually be willing to approach the subject. My feelings get hurt extremely easy and my feelings were a bit wounded or feeling so at the time, because I felt I had done something wrong to make her angry with me, although I didn't understand quite how or why, and I was still trying to figure out why disagreeing with him was so bad, especially when right afterward she had told me that I shouldn't be so willing to agree with him. So, I wasn't sure if she was miffed at me for "disagreeing with him" -OR- for "agreeing with him". Confused? I certainly was and this is putting it mildly.

(PLEASE NOTE: I have since, quite recently, found out, there were "THREE" people in that IM conversation: she, I, and the "impersonator" insinuating themselves as being 'she'. NOW it all makes prrrrr-fect sense as to WHY I was so confused. I wish I had known then what I know now. The block of text that had thrown me off WAS NOT from her, but inserted INTO the conversation TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE IT WAS HER, but in fact, it was the "impersonator"! Oh... "Ha-Ha!" What a laugh, what a thrill the impersonator must have gotten out of all that transpired, eh? *grrrrrrr*) be continued.


A multitude of thanks!

A combined effort of many: taking away the power of the perp! ~ Cyberstalking
To Wikipedia, the Staff and Editors that make this fabulous site possible, and all those that work to continually
add to the wealth of information this website provides to/for the world!

As well, many thanks to ALL the sources and ALL those that have made this information available to share.
Knowledge IS power and by affording knowledge to potential victims, then the playing field between the perps
and the potential victims can become more level, without the criminals only being allowed the upper hand.

Ways to join in, contribute to this mission, please see the main page: Cyberstalking. Thank you! - /Artsie_ladie


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May God Bless You and Have a "Safe" Day!

May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

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