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Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to my "Wiki of Quotes"!

Quotes, sayings, clichés authored by/© to [Artsieladie].
I am the author of the quotes you see on this page. I do not mind them being shared, but
my name as being the author must be shared with my quotes when they are shared.


• "Something that is morally right to do needs NO justification. When the justification needs to be
    sought, it is already wrong." ~ Artsieladie

• "Nice compliments are like wild strawberries in that they aren't always there, but when they are,
    we savour them and the taste is so wonderful and varying in flavours, they become indellible in our
    memories, sustaining, until the next time we savour them again." ~ Artsieladie

• "If you walk like a duck and you quack like a duck, then you must be a duck! Quack! Quack!"
    ~ Artsieladie

• "The cost of truth is high, but the cost of lies, is insurmountable." ~ Artsieladie

• "We seek answers only to find more questions." ~ Artsieladie

• "If one is prepared for the worst possible scenario, they are prepared for anything." ~ Artsieladie

• "It is easy to love those that are easy to love, but the true test of love, is loving those that are more
    difficult to love." ~ Artsieladie

• "It is much easier to hate those that are our transgressors and therefore, is often the route chosen.
    But loving our transgressors is where the real challenge lies." ~ Artsieladie

• "People that place themselves on pedestals are very lonely people, since few are interested in com-
    peting with 'flawlessness'." ~ Artsieladie

• "Boxes are wonderful to contain things, except for our thinking... Allow your thoughts freedom! Think
    'outside' the box!" ~ Artsieladie

• "An idea held prisoner in the shadow of silence, can never come to light!" ~ Artsieladie

• "Ze power of ze pen!" ~ Artsieladie

• "A person's true worth is in their heart." ~ Artsieladie

• "The best teacher in my life, IS life." ~ Artsieladie

• "Mistakes are important tools of life, which we learn from, therefore live life. Without them we would
    be doomed to the monotony of perfection." ~ Artsieladie

• "Children! Today's Wonder! Tomorrow's Promise!" ~ Artsieladie

• "The self imposition of infallibility, ultimately becomes the prerequisite of fallibility." ~ Artsieladie

• "The simplest gestures borne of the heart reap the greatest rewards." ~ Artsieladie

• "A seed sown will only grow if the conditions are right for it to germinate." ~ Artsieladie

• "Caring costs us little; Forgiveness slightly more; Hugs are always free; Love is the total score!"
    ~ Artsieladie

• "May the L♥ve of God always touch and live within your heart!" ~ Artsieladie

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Paragraphic Theories:

These are really too long to be classified as quotes.
~ Fond memories are cherished moments and times we collect and store in the reservoirs of our minds,
which we like to frequent from time to time, sometimes often, and they can serve us well, for they not
only help define who we are, maintaining our unique individuality, but they keep us grounded by always
providing a solid foundation on which to add more and the desire to accumulate more is perpetuated
and fulfilled, thus keeping us connected to our past, our present, and then to our future.

An artist is:
~ Artists to me are many things. They possess a yearning, a need, to express, not only their own
thoughts, emotions and feelings, but also of others that leave an impression of some sort on them,
either positive or negative, lesser or greater. Artists are like sponges in many ways, because they soak
up what is around them and then create from how they process it. Regardless of their medium, they can
forge a renewal of something, capture the essence uniquely of something, or they can also build on and
create from basically nothing. Artists can be the world's greatest flatterers, but they can also expose,
address, that which many wish wouldn't be. Artists not only create from inspiration derived from an
infinite number of possibilities, but artists can also instigate inspiration in others as well. A true artist is
more about creating from their passion of creativity than they are about some sort of technique or style
set down by others for they create and follow what's within them and in the process they invoke and
instill their own style and technique that is uniquely expressed of them. (For more thoughts and theories
on this topic, please see: What's An Artist?.)


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