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The dragon is one of the most known-about of the fantasy creatures of mythology and legends. Its history is so diverse and spread across the known history of the Earth that some contend that the creature was truly a creature of myth, legend, and perhaps the history of earth's beginning.

Sumerian mythology claims that the world was built on the back of a slain beast known as Tiamat, which was described as a monster or dragon. Asian legend claims that dragons (eastern variety) were venerated as spirits of the divine, and that they were both protectors and instigators of mankind. Western dragons developed in tales of knightly quests and damsels in distress, and had slowly become a creature of legend and faery tale alone. When dinosaur bones were discovered by peasants and commoners of the era, they could have been mistaken for the bones of dragons.

Some modern pagan and Spiritualist sects still see dragons as symbols (or archetypes) of power, wisdom, sorcery or protection. Some believe that you can summon or call on a dragon, but to do so requires both a well-developed of value and ethics, as well as great willpower of the summoner, as well as a deep respect and modesty toward the spirit of the dragon, which can be fickle, proud and irritated by human dabbling instead of truly organized and willful spiritual work, which the dragons regard as equal in their stature. Great works of information can be found in some modern literature on Dragon Magick and Dragon Summoning, mainly from neo-pagan publication companies.

The dragon is commonly referred to as a serpent, a reptilian creature with four legs and sometimes with wings like a bat, bird or reptilian beast. In Aztec and Mayan mythology, early on in their history visitors came to see them riding on large boats of wood and iron, and riding on or accompanied by 'feathered serpents' which came to be a term for the South and Central American natives to be like that of the dragon, and even some mythological deities and legendary heroes were thought to be like these feathered serpents, including Quetzocoatl, a central figure in such mythology.

Middle Earth Dragons

Dragon -Dragons are incredibly rare to come by. Most are thousands upon thousands of years old, and some have been known to live up to two million years before going to the wyvern in the sky, as they refer to it. Dragons come in many variaties, some evil, some good, and some who don't care. All dragons have wings, and they all can breathe fire. They all have exeptionaly good eye-sight, the can see up to five times the distance of humans, and can see in the dark nearly as well as they can in the light. Dragons have diffrent stages of age, wyrmling, infant, very young, young, pubertic, maturing, adult, mature adult, wyrm, and great wyrm. There are legends about dragons that have grown older and more powerfull than greatwyrms. . .

Here is a list of the common dragon species:

Good dragons:
gold dragons
silver dragons
metallic dragons
Evil Dragons:
red dragons
black dragons
white dragons
As you can probably tell, I've left a lot to the imagination, and that's because there is no certain type of dragon, they are all different, and are only similar in how they look and how they act.

See Dragons - Biology, Sociology, and Magic for a new class on dragons. It is located in Androntel Academy, which endorses the Elftown Academy. This class is taught by [xido] and [Nicolai Antredias] and their helpers and students.

For more types of dragons, see wyvern and drake

Dracology is the study about dragons.

How to draw a dragon:

Dragon Poetry

A somewhat-abandoned classroom seminar on Dragons can be found in the histories of ET's Elftown Academy.

Other dragon pages: wyrm, dragon description

Dragons are sometimes encountered in the Elftown Community, often in the Text Adventures, and along with many other beasties in the Creature_List / The Creature List

The images on this page are taken from <news:[ECM Dragon@wiki] Winners!> and ECM Dragon Art.

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2008-02-02 [Hedda]: I temporarily put up some images from ECM Dragon Art. Might change later and proper credits will be up.

2008-02-12 [Artsieladie]: Looks good, so far, [Hedda]! XD
Suggestion: I think we need a little something more having to do with the Eastern Dragons? Otherwise, we are basically saying to the Chinese/Oriental cultures, which have been around for centuries, that they're dragon is not important enough for much consideration. Yet, the dragon is a huge part of the Oriental cultures. <img:stuff/mood-gif.gif>

2008-02-12 [Artsieladie]: Yeah, I know about the Chinese horoscope. ;) When I lived in Hawaii, I learned quite a bit first hand about several of the Oriental cultures, particularly the Chinese, b/c Hawaii is largely populated by Oriental peoples. The dragon is so much a central symbol for their many ceremonies & celebrations. I wouldn't want to tell the Chinese, for example, that their dragon is 'not' typical! :)

2008-03-04 [xido]: Agreed.

2008-04-01 [Artsieladie]: Should this be added somewhere here? --> ECM Dragon Poetry - Winning poem: The Dragon of Henwyreld by [Dark Side of the Moon]. I added this page's link, Dragon, to the subpages mentioned on this page, where it wasn't noted. :P

2008-04-04 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I was going to ask the same question Artsie. You beat me to it!!

2008-04-04 [Artsieladie]: I'm always on the ball! *falls off* lol <imga:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

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2008-04-11 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I was just poking around on the net and found that the silver dragons page is not exported to the web. Is it supposed to be? Also, it appears that the image links for black dragons and white dragons are both broken.

2008-04-11 [Artsieladie]: Silver Dragons is now exported. Fixed the image link on Black Dragons. There is no image link on White Dragons. Thanks, dear, for mentioning these. :)

2008-05-30 [SilverFire]:

This link under 'how to draw dragons' no longer works.

2008-06-02 [Hedda]: Fixed! Bad Elfwood that updates pages without leaving a redirect!

2008-06-02 [SilverFire]: On the Gold Dragon and the Black Dragon there are pictures of dragons not done by elftowners, but we actually have pictures by Elftowners of both gold and black dragons. Would it not be good to use those images there? Just a suggestion.

2008-06-02 [Dark Side of the Moon]: The winning images are up on this page. Will the link to the winning poem be added here? *sticks out bottom lip* <img:stuff/mood12-gif.gif>

2008-06-04 [Hedda]: [SilverFire]: Depends on how the images look. Change if you think it's a good idea.

[Dark Side of the Moon]: I added a link to a link to dragon poemtry. I rather let you poem-people handle the poems though.

2008-06-04 [Dark Side of the Moon]: thank you kindly! <img:stuff/kis-gif.gif>

2008-06-08 [Bonedust]: I own this page?... I had no idea...

2008-06-08 [Dark Side of the Moon]: It'd be even nicer to own this page if it had a million dollars attached to it.

2009-08-07 [anatomy]: how come i didnt know anything about the most common dragons...

2013-03-20 [Erin go Bragh]: If anyone wants to rp about them message me privately :)

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