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2007-02-03 20:09:16
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Aboleth and their Skum soldiers
Sea Naga
Kraken / Giant Squid
Sea Drake
Marid Djanni - see Genie
Agarau (ocean Rephaim, giants of Horamont)
Aquatic Fae - Nixie, Selkie, Kelpie, Oceanstrider (fae-blooded, but lives amongst the Rephaim clans of Horamont)
Aquaean Elves

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2005-04-01 [xido]: Locathah, (tritan should be TRITON), Sahuagin, Nixie - Aquatic Fae (sim. Siren?), Aboleths and their Skum soldiers, Sea Naga, Kuo-Toa, Kraken (magical giant squid), Selkie (seal-fae shapeshifters), Sea Drake, Yuan-Ti/Ophidian (in small coastal areas), Kelpie (Unseelie Aquatic Fae), Marid Genies, Oceanstrider (Horamont Giant Orca Fae), Morkoth, Agarau (Ocean Giants) - Jashnian Aquatic Races... more details later

2005-04-01 [Angel Dreamer]: *pokes him* some of those are wandering around the cl. tritan hasn't been claimed, so that's easy enough to fix. other than that...whee! new creatures!

2005-04-03 [xido]: Yes, indeed... I was reminded to post them after having conducted a tabeltop game with my friend, Tiahaara Cvalyea, who is last remaining heir to the Aquaean Kingdom's Royal Throne..... which meant that I had to figure out exactly which peoples were ruled or allied with her forces.... Plus, now I can post all of them here and on their own pages.... I knew I would eventually, but I needed time.....  :)

2005-04-03 [xido]: more to come, but at least they all have something commented on their pages, for further updates.

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