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2006-06-08 13:07:01
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<img:stuff/greenbullet.gif> Wing Tutorial <img:stuff/greenbullet.gif>

by [liiga]

For this tutorial, I use two programs - Ulead Photoimpact 8, and Corel Painter 8. It's possible to make pretty wings just with UPI or any other similar vector program, and it's actually advised if you're stuck with mouse or don't want your hand to fall off from drawing an excessive amount of little lines. ^^

If so, then this tutorial will only concern you up to point 3 - the rest is about Painter (or a similar bitmap editor). I made this tutorial while working on one picture, and now and then kept forgetting to do all the screenshots, so there's some jumping between the two wings that the character in the picture has.

I tried to do my best to keep it somewhat organised though, so it should be possible to follow.

There is quite a lot of images to load, so I have split it all up into several pages. If, however, you want to view it all together for some reason, please see wing tutorial full - it's a long load and even longer scroll, mind you.

<img:stuff/greenbullet.gif> wing tutorial 1 - sketch
<img:stuff/greenbullet.gif> wing tutorial 2 - vector magic
<img:stuff/greenbullet.gif> wing tutorial 3 - grouping
<img:stuff/greenbullet.gif> wing tutorial 4 - exporting
<img:stuff/greenbullet.gif> wing tutorial 5 - mask
<img:stuff/greenbullet.gif> wing tutorial 6 - blending
<img:stuff/greenbullet.gif> wing tutorial 7 - midlines
<img:stuff/greenbullet.gif> wing tutorial 8 - detail
<img:stuff/greenbullet.gif> wing tutorial 9 - torture
<img:stuff/greenbullet.gif> wing tutorial outcome - outcome

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