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MyWings (The real world is overrated...)

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Name: Kris


Halloween -08. I know we look awful, but that was kinda the int, wasn't it? ;P anyways, at least it's a more or less recent pic :P
Finally starting to figure out how to use Photoshop ;P


From Eden Project in England...
great place.

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They didn't look lonely

I don’t know them
I’ve never met them
I just caught a glimpse of them
One time I went for a walk

I saw them
In the middle of a crowd
I didn’t notice any of the others
Just those to
They stood there
Listened to someone else talk
They stood close to each other
And then she turned towards him

She got up on tip toe
And whispered something in his ear
He looked down at her
And said something
He bent down
Smiled and kissed her
Then he put his arms around her
And pulled her even closer

There was something
Different about them
Something that caught my attention
It was easy to see what

Not only did they look happy
They were also the only people
I saw there
That didn’t look lonely



When I'm with you

When you’re around
I’m not lonely
You smile at me
And I feel alive

When I’m with you
Nothing else matters
You hold me close
And I don't need anything else

When you’re around
I feel safe
You won’t let me fall
And I can keep on going

When I’m with you
I know I’m yours
You hold my heart
And I love you


The Day We Died

I died in your arms
You cried
I saw your tears
I know you said my name
You screamed it over and over
I heard it all

I heard what you whispered in my ear
And it would have made me cry
If I hadn't already been dead
What's the point in crying
When you'll never know?
I wish I could have told you

When I slowly turned cold
You tried to make me warmer
When my eyes stared without seeing
You closed them
When my hand fell to the ground
You picked it up and held it in yours
When my lips never closed
You kissed them one last time

They said there was nothing more you could do
You yelled they couldn't take me away from you
Not this time, you cried
Then you decided to follow me
I could see it in your eyes
You wouldn't let me leave without you

When I slowly turned cold
You tried to make me warmer
When my eyes stared without seeing
You closed them
When my hand fell to the ground
You picked it up and held it in yours
When my lips never closed
You kissed them one last time

You came after me
And I got to say back
What you said to me
That I will always love you
And we'll always be together
I'll always be with you

It never stops
There is never really an ending
Not even for you and me
We'll be walking down this road forever
Together for the rest of the eternity


More of the stuff I’ve written:
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Kris' pics

I love taking pics, and now I felt like showing antone who wants to look, some...

Kris' drawings?

some drawings...kinda...


A Broken Heart

My wikis: Kristin's wikis



I told you to go away
You didn't listen
I said no
You didn't care
Now, leave me alone
So I can hide my tears in the shadows



Nightmares about shadows

I see you
In so many ways
You're there, but so far away
I want to ask you to stay, but I can't
‘Cause you can't hear a word I'm saying
Still, I want to tell you

It feels like I'm drowning
I know how I want to die
But I'm not dead
And I'm not dieing
It just feels like I am
‘Cause you're lost
I can't find you

Everything is darkness
I want to fall, but I can't
I stay were I am
Can't move at all
Just watch
Watch you move even further away
You are about to disappear completely

I scream
There's nothing anyone can do
I feel like I’ve lost you completely

My own scream wakes me up
I'm crying harder than ever before
‘Cause I feel like I‘ve lost
Lost you
And life

But after a while I get a bit calmer
And I lie there the rest of the night, thinking.
As long as you live in me you're not gone
Not completely
And if I tell other people, you'll live in them too

That’s love
Love is to live without necessarily being alive
Love is to love someone so much you won't ever let them die
Why can't you see that?
I'm not letting you go
I'm not letting you get lost
I won't loose you
I love you too much

[This last poem I wrote right after a friend of mine got killed in a car crash... I wrote it as a short text, and over a year later I found it again, and made it into a poem. He was an angel, and I'll always carry our friendship with me]

Age: 22Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 6

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human
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Place of living: Norway

Town: Siljan... (You don't know where it is :P )

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Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Civil status: involved

Height: 167

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