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The Town Herald Art Corner


Welcome to The Town Herald's Art Corner page.
This is where all information regarding the upcoming issue's art needs can be found, and where you can submit themed art to be featured in Elftown's very own e-zine, The Town Herald.

Please follow our guidelines when submitting your work - any work that doesn't follow the guidelines when it comes to the closing date will not be featured.

Theme: Creation
Deadline is November 15th 2010


How to submit an art piece:
Your submission should follow this format:

<img250: your artwork URL here>
[Your House Name] followed by your Name, if desired
The Title: this is optional, not all people name their art


1. You may only submit your own work! If we find that you're submitting work not done by you, you will be reported to the town Guards.

2. The art should fit the give theme. Please check above to see what the theme is.

3. Your art should be of a decent quality - by this we mean try not to submit any marginal doodle you find in your sketchbook - put some effort into it! Also, we need to be able to see the picture - it's no use drawing a masterpiece if when you scan it in it becomes all blurry and no one can make out a single detail.

4. Pencil drawings, paintings, digital work, photography and photo manipulations are all allowed. Though in the case of photo manipulations we ask that the page you have the image on also has the stock information on.

5. The artwork must be uploaded to Elftown. This is because we know it wont ever be removed from Elftown, whereas artwork on another site may eventually be removed or the URL may change, which will compromise the quality of our Herald Archives.

What happens next?

When the theme ends, your art will be featured in the upcoming issue of The Town Herald, and your name will be credited as a Guest.


1. [nehirwen] - Distracted Creator

2. [Ghost the Hybrid] - Origami dinosaurs

3. [Ghost the Hybrid] - Amigurumi

4. [Triola] - Christianity in a Nutshell

5. [wicked fae mage] - Space Paintings
space paintings


-The Town Herald
-Poetry Corner
-Herald Hopefuls
-Herald Guest Submissions

Username (or number or email):


2009-09-08 [sweet.tx.tea]: Wonderful images, [nehirwen]!

2009-09-08 [nehirwen]: Thank you! :)

2009-09-24 [▲.]: Good luck to all those who entered! They all look lovely.

2009-09-27 [Nioniel]: Wow! You all have such beautiful artwork!

2009-09-27 [▲.]: Mmn! I agree!

2009-09-27 [Cillamoon]: Love the submission Jane darling!

2009-11-19 [Alexi Ice]: Thanks, DancingSheep

2009-11-19 [sweet.tx.tea]: Not a problem at all. :]

2010-07-27 [sweet.tx.tea]: RAWR! Has anyone touched this recently? :O

2010-07-27 [Chimes]: Nope. (If you're looking for Council stuff to do, this isn't Council stuff. :P) Herald is slooow at the moment.

2010-09-03 [Kaimee]: New theme everyone :D

2010-09-03 [Kaimee]: Thanks Nioniel! I was sleepy ._.;

2010-09-04 [*Phoenix*]: In the last line should it say "your art will be featured"?

2010-09-04 [Kaimee]: Yes :P It was 3am when I made these changes! You can just edit anything other silly things I've done x)

2010-09-04 [*Phoenix*]: Okies. ^_^ If I catch something like that again, I will do so.

2011-06-03 [Kaimee]: Adorable contributions! :D

2011-06-03 [▲.]: These are great!

2011-07-18 [nehirwen]: I'm still so much in love with that piece Trin, nice to see it again. :3

2011-07-18 [Triola]: Thanks :D I was prompted to throw it in, so I did :3

2012-01-25 [pegasus1000]: *tat-tap-tap*... *Opens Door* "Man this place is dusty"

2012-01-25 [wicked fae mage]: Yeah, since space was just created, lots of dust

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